Finding the “ü” on your keyboard

Krüss comes with this strange-looking character (which belongs to its brand name – so we love it!)

We’d really appreciate it, when you use it while telling others about our fine laboratory products!

Q: … But how do I type it?

A: … That’s easy!

In Windows, combinations of the ALT key plus a numeric code can be used to type a non-English character (accented letter or punctuation symbol) in any Windows application.

So in Windows you can simply use codes:
Typing Alt+0220 gives the capital “Ü”
typing ALT+0252 gives the small “ü”.

Generally useful:
The Windows Character Map (charmap.exe) shows the codes for characters.

In Mac OS X you can do the following:
Make sure you have the option “Show Keyboard & Character Viewer in menu bar” checked.
Select “Show/Hide Character Viewer” from the menu bar.
Select “Accented Latin” from the category list.
Select the desired character. (A double click on the character will insert it into the current application).
You can add often used characters as your favorites.

Or try hitting “Alt-U”, then the character you want.

Thank you for trying
and keeping Krüss as it’s supposed to be!

How to type the Umlaut in Krüss