Manual Polarimeter

The manual polarimeter P1000-LED

Manual polarimetry by all means still has its place in smaller laboratories and in training. With the manual polarimeter P1000-LED, the A.KRÜSS Optronic range provides a classic traditional instrument that no analytical collection should be without.

This rugged unit is mounted on a metal stand. It works on the principle of partial shade and can accommodate tubes up to 220 mm length. The reading is done via the eyepiece with two verniers. Despite the classic design with polarizer and analyzer, the P1000 LED is quite at the level of the time. The light source is a light emitting diode, the light of the sodium D line outputs of 589 nm wavelength and at 500 times longer life compared to your sodium vapor lamp, it also has very low power consumption.

Special filters for LED lighting will provide a very accurate wavelength and good wavelength stability. Each device is tested by certified quartz and supplied with test certificate.

Almost no other instrument is as suitable as the P1000-LED for gaining initial experience with polarimetry and familiarising oneself with the area. The P1000-LED not only has its place in training, however. Laboratories in which polarimetric tests take place rarely, such as physics laboratories or laboratory benches in pharmacies, should also have them.

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Manual Polarimeter P1000-LED
Manual Polarimeter P1000-LED