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Cleaning options for different samples

For the measuring cell, cleaning immediately after the measurement is particularly important. Depending on the sample being measured, a suitable solvent for cleaning must be selected. It may even make sense to perform the cleaning with two different solvents in order to save time during the subsequent drying. This can be especially important when operating an autosampler.

The U-tube oscillator is cleaned by rinsing it with the appropriate medium supplied with a syringe or peristaltic pump. Just one keystroke is needed to have the drying unit eliminate all liquid residues. In addition, cleaning procedures can be configured with semi or fully automatic drying.

Whether the U-tube oscillator is clean and dry can be determined with a test measurement. Dry air at 20°C and normal air pressure should give a reading of about 0.0012 g/cm³. The drying time can be significantly shortened with a volatile solvent. In this overview, we have summarized sample-specific cleaning suggestions.

Recommended Cleaning Agents

SampleCleaning solution 1Cleaning solution 2
Aromas, fragrances, perfumeEthanol, Isopropanol -
Beer Water, enzymatic active cleaner (3 % Mucasol ®) Ethanol
Original wort Water, enzymatic active cleaner (3 % Mucasol ®) Ethanol
Brake fluid (Ethylene glycol) Xylol -
Liquid soap Water Ethanol
Wood preservative based on turpentineCleaning benzene Ethanol
Water-based wood preservativeWater Ethanol
Motor oil Cleaning benzene Acetone
Orange juice Water Ethanol
Fruit juice WaterEthanol
Polyamides Cresol -
Polymers Cresol -
Salad dressings Cleaning benzene Ethanol
Mayonnaise Cleaning benzene Ethanol
Lubricating oil Cleaning benzene Acetone
Spirits Ethanol -
Shampoo WaterEthanol
Soft drinks Water Ethanol
Sunscreen Cleaning benzene Ethanol
Diesel, kerosene, jet fuel, fuel oil Cleaning benzene , petroleum ether Aceton
Wax, paraffin Toluene Xylol, cleaning benzene

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