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Samples and density ρ [kg/dm3]

The density as a fundamental physical parameter provides important references for many other parameters and also to perform conversions in the daily laboratory routine. Most importantly, it enables high precision concentration and content measurements. In cooperation and close involvement of industry and science, we have developed easy-to-use, stable density meters with an oscillating glass measuring cell, which fulfil high demands on accuracy, speed and the required sample volume.
We offer suitable density meter sets for different working methods and in accordance to the type of sample or the accuracy requirements.
Please feel free to inform yourself: For your orientation you can find in the following overview a list of typical samples and substances sorted alphabetically. Most of the data are given to 3 decimal positions of density as g/cm³ with a reference temperature of 20 °C.

Sample Density ρ [kg/dm3] Measured at °C
Acetone0.79920 °C
Acetic acid1.04920 °C
Acetonitrile0.78320 °C
Acetonylaceton0.97120 °C
Acetophenone1.02620 °C
Acetyl chloride1.10320 °C
Acetylacetone0.97020 °C
Acrolein0.84120 °C
Aniline1.02220 °C
Ätzendes Hypochlorit1.22020 °C
1-Bromopentane1.22320 °C
Benzaldehyde1.04620 °C
Benzene0.87820 °C
Benzene0.98920 °C
Benzyl alcohole 1.04520 °C
Benzyl chloride1.09820 °C
Benzylacetone 0.98920 °C
Bromoform2.89020 °C
Butyric acid 0.95920 °C
1-Bromooctane1.16620 °C
Caproic acid0.92920 °C
Caprylic acid0.91020 °C
Carvacrol0.97620 °C
Caustic hypochlorite1.22020 °C
Chlorbenzene1.10720 °C
Chlorocyclohexane 1.00020 °C
Chloroform1.48920 °C
cis-1,2-Dichloroethylene1.28220 °C
cis-1,2-Dibromoethylene 2.24620 °C
Citral0.89320 °C
Crotonaldehyde0.85620 °C
Cyclohexane0.77920 °C
Cyclohexanol0.96220 °C
Cyclohexanone0.94920 °C
Cyclohexene0.81120 °C
Cyclohexylamine0.89620 °C
Cyclopentadiene0.80520 °C
Dichloromethane 1.33620 °C
Diethylaniline0.93420 °C
Diethyl ether 0.71420 °C
Dimethylacetamide 90 %0.94020 °C
Dimethylamine solution 60 % (DMA)0.82620 °C
Dimethylaniline 0.95620 °C
Dimethylformamide (DMF) 0.94820 °C
Di-n-propyl ether0.74720 °C
1-Decene 0.74320 °C
Enanthic acid 0.92220 °C
Ethanol0.78920 °C
Ethyl acetate0.90020 °C
Ethyl iodid1.94020 °C
Ethylbenzene 0.86820 °C
Ethylen bromide2.18020 °C
Ethylenglycole 1.11520 °C
Formanide 1.13920 °C
Formic acid1.21220 °C
Fumaric acid0.64020 °C
Glycerol1.26120 °C
Hemellitol0.88720 °C
Heptane0.68420 °C
Hexamethylenediamine adipinat1.20120 °C
Hexane0.65420 °C
Indene0.99820 °C
Iodobenzene 1.83020 °C
Iron(II) sulfate heptahydrate 1.90020 °C
Isobutanol0.80220 °C
Isopropylbenzene (Cumene) 0.87820 °C
Kerosene 0.81020 °C
Lemon oil 0.85320 °C
Linalool0.86320 °C
Lithium chloride2.06820 °C
Mercury13.59520 °C
Mesityl oxide0.85020 °C
Mesitylene0.86320 °C
Methanol0.79220 °C
Methyl diethanolamin (MDEA)1.04020 °C
Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) 0.80520 °C
Methyl iodide2.27920 °C
Methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK) 0.80020 °C
Methylamine solution 40 % (MMA)0.90020 °C
Methylcyclohexane 0.76420 °C
m-Toluidine 0.99820 °C
m-Xylene0.87120 °C
N-Benzyl-N-ethylaniline1.02920 °C
Nicotin1.00920 °C
Nitro benzene 1.20720 °C
Nitro-Methan1.13920 °C
Nitro methane 0.98420 °C
3-Nitrotoluene 1.15720 °C
2-Nitrotoluene 1.16320 °C
N-Methylaniline0.98420 °C
Octane 0.70320 °C
o-Toluidine0.99820 °C
Paraldehyde 0.99420 °C
Pentachloroethane1.67220 °C
Pentane0.62120 °C
Phenylhydrazine 1.09820 °C
Phthalic anhydride 1.52720 °C
Piperidine 0.86020 °C
Propionic acid 0.99220 °C
Propiophenone (Ethyl phenyl ketone) 1.00920 °C
Propyl acetate 0.89120 °C
p-Xylene 0.86320 °C
Pyruvic acid1.26720 °C
Quinaldine1.06920 °C
Quinoline 1.09320 °C
Sodium hydroxide solution (Caustic soda) 1.430 20 °C
Sulfuric acid 90 % 1.81020 °C
tert-Butanol0.78920 °C
Tetrabromomethane 2.96320 °C
Tetrachloroethylene 1.61420 °C
Tetralin0.96720 °C
Thiophene 1.06420 °C
Toluene 0.87020 °C
trans-1,2-Dibromoethylene 2.23120 °C
trans-1,2-Dichloroethylene 1.25720 °C
Tribromoacetaldehyde (Bromal) 2.55020 °C
Vinyl acetate (VyAc)0.94220 °C
Water 0.99820 °C
1,1,2,2-Tetrabromoethane 2.97020 °C
1,2,4-Trichlorobenzene 1.47720 °C
1,2,4-Trimethylbenzene (Pseudocumene) 0.86820 °C
1,2-Dichlorethane1.25320 °C
1,2-Dichlorobenzene 1.30520 °C
1,4-Dioxane 1.03820 °C
1-Bromobutane1.27520 °C
1-Bromonaphthalene 1.48720 °C
1-Butanol 0.81020 °C
1-Chlorobutane0.88420 °C
1-Chlorohexane 0.87220 °C
1-Chlorodecane0.86620 °C
1-Chlorooctane0.87220 °C
1-Decanol 0.82920 °C
1-Heptanol0.82320 °C
1-Heptene 0.69920 °C
1-Hexanol0.82020 °C
1-Iodobutane 1.61420 °C
1-Iodohexane 1.44120 °C
1-Iodopropane 1.74720 °C
1-Nonanol0.82820 °C
1-Nonene0.73320 °C
1-Octanol0.82720 °C
1-Octene0.71820 °C
1-Pentadecene0.78020 °C
1-Pentanol0.81620 °C
1-Propanol0.80420 °C
1-Undecene0.75220 °C
2-Nitroethanol1.29620 °C
3-Chlorotoluene 1.07020 °C
3-Heptanone0.81420 °C
3-Nitrotoluol1.15720 °C
4-Chlorotoluene 1.06620 °C
All values have been compiled with best accuracy,
but this information is supplied without liability.

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