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Flame photometer applications

Pharmaceutical Industry

Determining the concentration of sodium and potassium ions in infusion solutions, such as NaCl solution, Ringer solution or others. Product control and indirect quality testing of various substances over sodium, potassium or lithium. Concentration determination in pharmaceutical reagents. In the production of blood collection tubes, the finished products are checked for correct chemical composition by means of flame photometry.

Beverage industry

Determination of the content of sodium, potassium and calcium in various liquids, such as fruit juices, vegetable juices and soft drinks.

Food industry

Monitoring compliance with sodium and potassium limits in foods. In the production of pre-milk, pre-food and milk powder, the quality can also be controlled and monitored with a flame photometer.

Environmental analysis

Laboratory measurements for the determination of alkali and alkaline earth elements. Monitoring of soil qualities and water analysis, control of fertilizer residues in soils and fertilizer registrations in waters. Measurements of impurities in waters. Control of discharged wastewater for potassium, sodium and magnesium.

Chemical industry

For final inspection or inbound inspection of chemical products. Concentration determinations of sodium and potassium in fertilizer production and in process control. Checking ultrapure water.

Cement Industry

Review of sodium, potassium or calcium content in the construction and cement industries.

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