Gas analyser applications

Quality assurance and ever increasing consumer demands require regular control of protective atmospheres in packaging. This requires gas analysers that quickly provide reliable measurement results and can be easily integrated into any work process – such as our MAT1000 series instruments. They are used by numerous companies for quality control in the laboratory, but also in the production area in the filling or packaging of sensitive or perishable products. Our Modified Atmosphere Testers (MAT) are also suitable for spot checks as well as for permanent monitoring of the gas mixture on packaging machines. Manufacturers of sensitive or perishable products must guarantee first-class quality over long periods of time. This applies especially to the food industry, but also to the electronics, pharmaceutical or cosmetics industry.

Typical fields of application are:

  • Sample measurements on the line during the packaging process
  • Inspection after revision: Change of foil or packaging materials
  • Change to the packaging machine: Sealing seams, welds
  • Residual samples, quality assurance in the laboratory
  • Checks on the distribution channel

Typical compositions of protective gases in the food additive industry

Packaged productN2 [%] CO2 [%]O2 [%]Recommended MAT devices
Fresh meat -20 – 30 70 – 80 MAT1500
Raw ham 40 – 100 60 – 0 -MAT1500
Sausages, salami 70 30-MAT1500
Poultry -20-3070-80MAT1500
Cake base 3070-MAT1200
Toast -100-MAT1200
Pre-baked bread rolls3070- MAT1200
Cheese 70100-MAT1100
Sliced cheese 30--MAT1100/MAT1400
Yogurt and dairy products MAT1400
Milk powder 100--MAT1400
Potatoes, peeled raw 4060-MAT1200
Salads, raw food 40-60-MAT1200
Sliced cucumber 100--MAT1100
Fresh fruits and vegetables 9055MAT1100
Sterilized menus 60-100 40-0-MAT1500
Fresh pasta products 5050-MAT1200/MAT1500
Convenient 60-7030-40-MAT1200/MAT1500
Trout, fresh 7030-MAT1500
Fish fillet 5050-MAT1500
Raw fish MAT1500
Shellfish and molluscs 304030MAT1500
Coffee, tea 100--MAT1100/MAT1200
fruit juices 100--MAT1400
Carbonated soft drinks -100-MAT1100
Dry products, pasta, spices etc. 100--MAT1100/MAT1400
Dried fruit 100--MAT1100
Dried nuts etc. 100--MAT1100/MAT1400
Breadsticks 100--MAT1100/MAT1400
Desserts 5050-MAT1200
Products with alcoholl7030MAT1200
Pet food dry 100--MAT1100/MAT1200
Pet food raw -20-3070-80MAT1400/MAT1500

Packing under protective atmosphere

According to estimates by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), about 90 per cent of fresh meat in the self-service section of supermarkets is packaged in a modified atmosphere. This allows food producers to provide the consumer with first-class quality product over a long period of time. But how does this process work?

More about Modified Atmosphere Packaging

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