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Samples and their refractive index (nD)

Almost all samples are measurable. To be able to serve the existing variety of samples and the wide range of applications, we offer a large assortment of different refractometers. For the selection of the suitable refractometer it is helpful to define the required measuring range. When purchasing a new refractometer, there is a real savings potential, because refractometers with a small measuring range are usually more cost-effective compared to instruments that cover the entire measuring range.

Please feel free to inform yourself: In our table we have compiled a comprehensive overview of measurement samples with the specific refractive index. Most samples were measured at standard measuring conditions (20°C, λ = 589 nm), deviations are indicated. The measured values given are not specifications.

Sample overview

SampleValue of refractive index (nD)Measured at °C
Acetic acid 1.333-1.37220 °C
Acetic acid 30%1.35120 °C
Aceton1.35820 °C
Acetyltributylcitrate 1.442-1.44520 °C
Acryl glass 1.49020 °C
Acrylnitril 1.39120 °C
AdBlue1.38320 °C
Aloe extract1.33420 °C
Alumina1.76020 °C
Ammonia1.333-1.35320 °C
Ammonia solution 1.367-1.37720 °C
Ammonium chloride1.333-1.37720 °C
Ammonium sulfate 1.333-1.39720 °C
Anethole1.559-1.561 25 °C
Anilin1.58620 °C
Anise oil1.552-1.56120 °C
Anisol1.51820 °C
Apple1.35020 °C
Asphalt / Bitumen1.65020 °C
Barium chloride1.333-1.37520 °C
Basic solution, viscose1.393-1.39720 °C
Bean jam1.43020 °C
Beef curry1.35720 °C
Beer1.34020 °C
Benzol1.49020 °C
Benzyl alcohol1.538-1.54120 °C
Benzyl benzoate1.568-1.57020 °C
Benzyl nicotinate 1.569-1.57020 °C
Bean, broccoli, blueberry, blackberry1.34520 °C
Benzylbromide 1.57520 °C
Benzylformiat1.51120 °C
Bisabolol1.493-1.49920 °C
Bitter fennel oil 1.528-1.53920 °C
Bitter-fennel herb oil 1.487-1.50120 °C
Borage oil 1.473-1.48120 °C
Boric acid1.333-1.33620 °C
Brook mint 1.482-1.49520 °C
Bunker A / No. 2 fuel oil1.49020 °C
Bunker C / No. 6 fuel oil1.56020 °C
Butter1.45020 °C
Calcium chloride1.333-1.40320 °C
Calcium fluoride 1.43020 °C
Campherspiritus 1.372-1.37420 °C
Canned seasoning yogurt 1.36620 °C
Canned syrup 1.37220 °C
Canola oil1.47020 °C
Caraway oil 1.484-1.49020 °C
Carbon disulfide1.63020 °C
Carrot1.34520 °C
Cassia oil 1.600-1.61420 °C
Cauliflower, swede, paprika1.34220 °C
Cesium chloride1.333-1.41720 °C
Cetearyl octanoate1.444-1.44820 °C
Cetylstearylisononanoat 1.440-1.45020 °C
Cherry 1.34520 °C
Chili sauce1.38020 °C
Cineol1.456-1.46020 °C
Cinnamon leaf oil 1.527-1.54020 °C
Cinnamon oil 1.572-1.59120 °C
Citronella oil 1.463-1.47520 °C
Clofibrate1.500-1.50520 °C
Clove oil 1.53020 °C
Cocoyl caprylocaprat1.44520 °C
Cobaltous chloride 1.333-1.38020 °C
Coconut oil 1.44020 °C
Cocoyl caprylocaprate 1.44520 °C
Codliver oil Type-A/B 1.477-1.48420 °C
Coffee1.34020 °C
Coke1.35020 °C
Concentrated juice 1.43020 °C
Condensed milk1.45020 °C
Cooking oil 1.48020 °C
Coriander oil1.462-1.47020 °C
Corn soup 1.34720 °C
Creatinine1.333-1.34920 °C
Cupric sulfate1.333-1.36720 °C
Cutting oil emulsion 1.33420 °C
Cyclohexan 1.42620 °C
Dalmatian sage 1.457-1.47320 °C
Damascenon 1.38020 °C
Decyl oleate 1.456-1.45820 °C
Dextran1.333-1.34920 °C
D-Fructose1.333-1.45920 °C
D-Glucose1.333-1.43920 °C
Dibutyl adipate 1.43520 °C
Dibutyl phthalate (DBP)1.490-1.495 20 °C
Dichloromethane1.423-1.42520 °C
Diesel oil1.47820 °C
Diethyl phthalate1.500-1.50520 °C
Diethylene glycol monoethyl ether1.426-1.42820 °C
Diiodbenzol1.71820 °C
Diiodmethan1.74320 °C
Diiodopropan1.64220 °C
Diisopropyl adipate1.42420 °C
Dimercaprol1.568-1.57420 °C
Dimethicone 1000+1.404-1.40620 °C
Dimethicon 350+1.404-1.40620 °C
Dimethyl sulfoxide 1.478-1.47920 °C
Dimethylacetamide 1.435-1.43920 °C
D-Mannitol1.333-1.35520 °C
Egg1.35520 °C
Egg yolk1.42020 °C
Electrical discharging liquid 1.35720 °C
Electrolyte 1.37020 °C
Emulsifying hydrophobic base gel1.473-1.48320 °C
Endive, asparagus, pea, salat, tomato, onion 1.342 20 °C
Epoxy1.62020 °C
Ethanol1.333-1.36220 °C
Ethylenglycol 1.43120 °C
Ethylhexylglycerin 1.449-1.45320 °C
Eucalyptus oil 1.458-1.47020 °C
Eugenol1.540-1.54220 °C
Ferric chloride1.333-1.38320 °C
Flint glass1.62020 °C
Formic acid 1.333-1.36520 °C
Formic acid 25% 1.35220 °C
Formic acid 85%1.36920 °C
Formic acid 98% 1.37120 °C
Gelatin liquid 1.34820 °C
Glucose syrup1.463-1.495 20 °C
Glycerin1.47420 °C
Glycerol1.470-1.47520 °C
Glycerol 85%1.449-1.45520 °C
Glycerol diisostearate1.462-1.46830 °C
Green tea1.33520 °C
Grinding chemical liquid1.33420 °C
Hexetidine1.461-1.46720 °C
Honey1.52020 °C
Honey starch syrup 1.49520 °C
Human serum or plasma1.333-1.36120 °C
Hydrochloracid 1.333-1.40320 °C
Hydrophobic base gel 1.475-1.49520 °C
Hydroxyethyl salicylate 1.548-1.551 20 °C
Immersion oil1.51220 °C
Inulin1.333-1.34820 °C
Iodbenzol1.62020 °C
Iodnaphthalin1.70120 °C
Isoeugenol1.57720 °C
Isopropyl myristate1.434-1.43720 °C
Isopropyl palmitate 1.436-1.44020 °C
Japanese plum1.34020 °C
Juniper oil1.471-1.48320 °C
Ketchup1.38520 °C
Lactic acid 1.333-1.41720 °C
Lactic acid bacteria beverage 1.36020 °C
Lactose1.333-1.35920 °C
Lactulose-syrup1.445-1.47820 °C
Lard 1.458-1.46140°C
Lavender oil 1.455-1.46620 °C
Lead Nitrate 1.333-1.38720 °C
Lemon oil 1.473-1.47620 °C
Lime / Lemon1.34620 °C
Lithium chloride1.333-1.39920 °C
Macrogol-20-glycerolmonostearat 1.464–1.46820 °C
Macrogolglycerolcaprylocaprate ~1.40020 °C
Macrogolglycerololeate1.47020 °C
Macrogolglycerolricinoleat1.470-1.47420 °C
Macrogololeat~1.46620 °C
Magnesium chloride1.333-1.41520 °C
Magnesium fluoride 1.38120 °C
Magnesium sulfate 1.333-1.38520 °C
Maltose1.333-1.35720 °C
Mandarin peel oil 1.474-1.478 20 °C
Manganous sulfate 1.333-1.37320 °C
Marmelade / jam / jelly 1.46020 °C
Marshmallow syrup 1.440-1.45520 °C
Medium-chain triglycerides 1.440-1.45220 °C
Methanesulfonic acid1.429-1.43020 °C
Methanol1.333-1.34020 °C
Methyl salicylate1.535-1.53820 °C
Methylene Iodide1.74420 °C
Milk 1.35020 °C
Mint oil1.456–1.47020 °C
Miso soup1.33620 °C
Molasses1.47020 °C
Monobromnaphthalin1.65020 °C
Mountain pine oil 1.474-1.48020 °C
Muscatel Sage1.456-1.46620 °C
Natural rubber 1.54020 °C
Nectar1.36020 °C
Neroli oil 1.464-1.47420 °C
n-Heptan1.38820 °C
Nickel sulfat 1.333-1.34520 °C
Nikethamide 1.524-1.52620 °C
Nitric acid 1.333-1.38720 °C
N-Methylpyrrolidone1.46920 °C
n-Octan1.39820 °C
Nutmeg oil 1.457-1.48520 °C
Octyldodecanol 1.453-1.45720 °C
Oil 1.473-1.47820 °C
Oleic acid 1.457-1.46120 °C
Oleyl alcohol1.458-1.46025 °C
Oleyl oleate 1.464-1.46620 °C
Olive oil 1.46820 °C
Orange1.34820 °C
Paraffin 1.47920 °C
Paraldehyde 1.403-1.40620 °C
Pastry cream 1.40020 °C
Pentylene glycol 1.435-1.44020 °C
Peppermint oil 1.457-1.46720 °C
Perfluorodecalin1.31520 °C
Phenethyl alcohol ~1.53220 °C
Phenol1.54120 °C
Phenoxyethanol 1.537-1.53920 °C
Phenylnaphtalin 1.66420 °C
Phosphoric 1.333-1.37520 °C
Phytomenadione~1.52620 °C
Pine needle oil1.465-1.48020 °C
Plain yogurt1.34520 °C
Plant cell culture1.33420 °C
Plastic eyeglasses ruby1.76020 °C
Polyacrylmethacrylate1.49020 °C
Polycarbonate 1.58520 °C
Polystyrene1.58020 °C
Potassium 1.333-1.34920 °C
Potassium bromide 1.333-1.39120 °C
Potassium carbonate1.333-1.40320 °C
Potassium chloride 1.333-1.36720 °C
Potassium chromate 1.333-1.41120 °C
Potassium dichromate1.333-1.35220 °C
Potassium ferricy anide 1.333-1.38720 °C
Potassium hydroxide1.333-1.42520 °C
Potassium Iodide1.333-1.40320 °C
Potassium lactate 1.402-1.40520 °C
Potassium nitrate 1.333-1.35520 °C
Potassium oxalate1.333-1.35120 °C
Potassium phosphate 1.333-1.34520 °C
Potassium sulfate 1.333-1.34520 °C
Potassium thiocyanate 1.333-1.47520 °C
Procaine hydrochloride1.333-1.48320 °C
Propofol1.512-1.51420 °C
Propylene glycol1.431-1.43320 °C
Propylenglycoldicaprylocaprate1.439-1.44220 °C
Pudding1.36820 °C
Purified terpentine oil 1.465-1.47820 °C
Purified water1.332-1.33420 °C
Pyrrolidone 1.487-1.49020 °C
Quartz glass 1.46020 °C
Refined almond oil1.470-1.47320 °C
Refined apricot kernel oil 1.47220 °C
Refined corn oil1.472–1.47620 °C
Refined evening primrose oil 1.476-1.48020 °C
Refined grape seed oil 1.474-1.47720 °C
Refined jojoba wax 1.46620 °C
Refined macadamia oil 1.466-1.47020 °C
Refined olive oil1.467-1.47120 °C
Refined peanut oil1.468-1.47320 °C
Refined rapeseed oil 1.470-1.47420 °C
Refined safflower oil (Type1)1.47620 °C
Refined safflower oil (Type2) 1.47220 °C
Refined sesamum oil1.470-1.47620 °C
Refined soya oil 1.472-1.47820 °C
Refined sunflower oil 1.473-1.47620 °C
Refined sunflower oil containing oleic acid1.47020 °C
Raspberry1.34520 °C
Ricinus oil 1.48020 °C
Rosemary oil 1.464-1.47320 °C
Salat 1.34220 °C
Saline 1.33320 °C
Sea water 1.333-1.35320 °C
Sesame oil1.47820 °C
Sevoflurane1.274-1.27620 °C
Silicone oil 1.40620 °C
Silicone solution1.36020 °C
Silver nitrate1.333-1.39120 °C
Sodium acetate1.333-1.37520 °C
Sodium bicarbonate1.333-1.34020 °C
Sodium bromide1.333-1.40020 °C
Sodium carbonate1.333-1.36720 °C
Sodium chloride 1.333-1.37920 °C
Sodium diatrizoate1.333-1.41720 °C
Sodium dichromate 1.333-1.51320 °C
Sodium ferrocyanide 1.333-1.37320 °C
Sodium hydroxide1.333-1.43320 °C
Sodium molybdate 1.333-1.34920 °C
Sodium nitrate 1.333-1.37920 °C
Sodium phosphate 1.333-1.38720 °C
Sorbital solution 70% non crystalizing 1.455-1.46520 °C
Sodium sulfate 1.333-1.35520 °C
Sodium tartrade1.333-1.38120 °C
Sodium thiosulfate1.333-1.42320 °C
Sodium tungstate1.333-1.43020 °C
Sorbitan and glycerolmonooleat 1.474-1.48020 °C
Sorbitan trioleate 1.473-1.47720 °C
Soy bean 1.43020 °C
Soy milk1.35020 °C
Soy sauce1.39520 °C
Spanish sage 1.457-1.47320 °C
Spike oil 1.461-1.46820 °C
Squalan1.450-1.45420 °C
Star anise oil1.553-1.55620 °C
Starch1.37620 °C
Strontium chloride1.333-1.40720 °C
Styren1.54620 °C
Sucrose1.333-1.50120 °C
Sulfuric acid 1.333-1.40320 °C
Sweet orange oil1.470-1.47620 °C
Tea tree oil1.475-1.48220 °C
Tetrachlorethylene 1.50520 °C
Tham1.333-1.39720 °C
Thyme oil 1.490-1.505 20 °C
Toluol1.49720 °C
Tomato 1.34220 °C
Trans-Decalin1.47020 °C
Triacetin1.429-1.43220 °C
Trichloracetic acid1.333-1.40120 °C
Trichlorfluormethan / Freon 111.37520 °C
Triethyl citrate 1.440-1.44620 °C
Trolamine1.482-1.48520 °C
Turpentine oil beach Pine-Type 1.465-1.47520 °C
Urea1.333-1.40320 °C
Urine solida human 1.333-1.34820 °C
Valproic acid 1.422-1.42520 °C
Vinyl acetat 1.39620 °C
Virgin avocado oil / Refined avocado oil~1.47920 °C
Virgin castor oil ~1.47920 °C
Virgin jojoba wax1.46620 °C
Virgin linseed oil 1.478-1.48220 °C
Virgin olive oil 1.467-1.47120 °C
Virgin Safflower oil1.47620 °C
Virgin wheatgerm oil ~1.47520 °C
Water1.33320 °C
Watermelon, wineberry 1.35020 °C
Xylen1.50020 °C
Zimtacetat1.54120 °C
Zink sulfate 1.333-1.36520 °C
α-Methyl-Zimtaldehyd1.60820 °C
1,2,2-Trifluortrichlorethan / Freon 1131.35420 °C
1,3-Butanediol 1.439-1.44120 °C
1-Bromonaphthalene 1.65720 °C
1-Naphthaldehyd1.65220 °C
1-Propanol1.384-1.38720 °C
2,4-Dichlortoluol1.54520 °C
2-Ethylhexyl laurate 1.440-4.44420 °C
2-Ethylnapthalin1.60020 °C
2H-,3H-Perfluoropentan1.30020 °C
2-Phenylethanethiol 1.56020 °C
2-Phenylethylchlorid 1.53020 °C
2-Propanol 10%1.338-1.34120 °C
2-Propanol 20%1.345-1.34820 °C
2-Propanol 30%1.353-1.35620 °C
2-Propanol 40%1.359-1.36120 °C
2-Propanol 50%1.363–1.36520 °C
2-Propanol 60%1.368–1.36920 °C
2-Propanol 70%1.371–1.37220 °C
2-Propanol 80%1.374–1.37520 °C
2-Propanol 90%1.376–1.37720 °C
All nD values have been compiled with best accuracy,
but this information is supplied without liability.

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