Konformität mit nationalen und internationalen Normen

Measurement according to normative specifications

In analytics, the comparability of measurement results is of central importance. Modern analytical processes are therefore based on specifications and rules laid down in national and international standards.
Standards in measurement technology describe terms, measurement methods and measuring units. Standards also regulate networking functions by standardizing interfaces, communication and secure data transmission. They enable a quality agreement for standards and tolerances. Although not legally binding, normative trade is associated with great legal certainty for the user. It facilitates the selection of devices and thus secures the own processes and product quality.

Refractometers are also designed and used in accordance with standards. Standards in refractometry regulate, under the aspect of “best practice”, the environmental conditions and sample preparation as well as measurement tolerances, properties and equipment features of a device or certificates of calibration equipment and testing instruments. Whoever uses refractometers according to normative specifications can guarantee that measurements are correct and work according to reproducible procedures.

In order to make it easier for you to choose the right refractometer for your application, you will find below an overview of all standards and guidelines that refer to refractometers. This is a general overview of the standards. Which normative specifications the different refractometer models from A.KRÜSS fulfil your requirements, we will be happy to discuss in a personal consultation. Please feel free to contact us.

Refractometer - overview of standards

AOAC 898.02-1898 Physical Constants of 10 per cent distillate of lemon and orange oils
AOAC 905.01-1905Methanol in Distilled Liquors - Immersion refractometer method
AOAC 908.01-1908 / Appendix CPercent Alcohol by Volume in Distilled Liquors
AOAC 920.141-1920Refractive index of lemon and orange oils
AOAC 920.58-1920Alcohol in wines - By volume from refraction (rapid method)
AOAC 920.78-1920 Index of refraction of cacao fat
AOAC 921.08-1921 Index of refraction of oils and fats
AOAC 932.12-1980 Solids (soluble) in fruits and fruit products
AOAC 932.14-2000Solids in syrups
AOAC 940.06-1940 Methanol in Cordials and Liqueurs
AOAC 940.09-1964 Total Solids in Cordials and Liqueurs
AOAC 940.16-1940Volatile esters in cordials and liqueurs
AOAC 943.05-1997Dry substance in corn syrups and sugars
AOAC 945.102-1945Oil (mineral) in fats
AOAC 948.10-1948Water (added) in milk
AOAC 950.04-1950Alcohol by volume in distilled liqueurs
AOAC 950.06-1997Fermentation of beer
AOAC 950.13-1950Alcohol in nonalcoholic beverages
AOAC 953.16-1953Fruit Content (Approximate) of Frozen Fruit-Sugar Mixtures
AOAC 960.57-1970Crystalline substances
AOAC 969.18-1969Refractive Index of Butterfat
AOAC 969.38-1969Moisture in honey
AOAC 970.15-1971Alcohol (by weight) in beer - Refractometer method
AOAC 970.59-2002Solids (soluble) in tomato products
AOAC 973.65-1974Characterization and matching of glass fragments
AOAC 976.20-1976Solids (Soluble) in Frozen Concentrate for Lemonade
AOAC 981.23-1992Mineral wool insulation
AOAC 983.01-1984Urea and methyleneureas (Water-soluble) in fertilizers
AOAC 983.17-2001Solids (Soluble) in Citrus Fruit Juices
AOAC 995.17-1998Beet sugars in fruit juices
AOAC 2000.19-2000Beet or cane sugar in maple syrup
AOCS S 2-64-2017Methods for Testing Drying Oils
AOCS Tp 1a-64-2017Refractive Index of Drying Oils
AOCS Methods Set 2000AOCS Methods Set
ASTM D542-14:2014Standard Test Method for Index of Refraction of Transparent Organic Plastics
ASTM D5775-95:2014Standard Test Method for Rubber—Determination of Bound Styrene in Styrene Butadiene Rubber by Refractive Index
ASTM D1218-12:2016Standard Test Method for Refractive Index and Refractive Dispersion of Hydrocarbon Liquids
ASTM D1747-09:2014Standard Test Method for Refractive Index of Viscous Materials
ASTM D3321-19:2019Standard Test Method for Use of the Refractometer for Field Test Determination of the Freezing Point of Aqueous Engine Coolants
ASTM D4095-97:2014Standard Practice for Use of the Refractometer for Determining Nonvolatile Matter (Total Solids) in Floor Polishes
ASTM D4542-15:2015Standard Test Methods for Pore Water Extraction and Determination of the Soluble Salt Content of Soils by Refractometer
ASTM D5006-11:2016Standard Test Method for Measurement of Fuel System Icing Inhibitors (Ether Type) in Aviation Fuels
DIN 51423-2:2010-02Testing of mineral oils - Part 2: Measurement of the relative refractive index with the Abbe-refractometer Prüfung von Mineralölen - Teil 2: Messung der relativen Brechzahl mit dem Abbe-Refraktometer
EHC Harmonised methods of the European Honey Commission 1997Determination of moisture, refractometric method
ICUMSA GS4/3/8-13:2009The Determination of Refractometric Dry Substance (RDS %) of Molasses - Accepted and Very Pure Syrups (Liquid Sugars), Thick Juice and Run-off Syrups-Official
ICUMSA SPS-3:2000Refractometry and Tables - Official
ISO 1743:1982 (2013)Glucose Syrup – Determination of dry matter content – Refractive index method
OIML R 108:1993Refractometers for the measurement of the sugar content of fruit juices
OIV MA-AS2-02:R2012Evaluation by refractometry of the sugar concentration in grape musts, concentrated grape musts and rectified concentrated grape musts
OIV MA-AS312-01B:R2009Alcoholic strength by volume - Measurement of the alcoholic strength of the distillate by refractometry
Ph. Eur. 7th Edition-2.2.7:2008Refractive Index
USP 831-2013Refractive Index

Information about standards and directives for free download:

Refractometer Standards (PDF, 79 KB)

Additional information about institutes, standards and directives:

  • AOAC – Association of Official Analytical Collaboration International
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  • AOCS – American Oil Chemists‘ Society
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  • ASTM – American Society for Testing and Materials
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  • DIN – German Institute for Standardization
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  • EHC – European Honey Commission and International Honey Commission
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  • ISO – International Organization for Standardization
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  • ICUMSA – The International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis
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  • OIML –  International Organization of Legal Metrology
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  • OIV – International Organisation of Vine and Wine
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  • Ph. Eur. – European Pharmacopoeia
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  • USP – United States Pharmacopeia
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