A.KRÜSS donates to the Deutsches Museum in Munich

Digital hand refractometers will be soon seen on Museum Island

From 2021, A.KRÜSS devices will be shown in the exhibition “Modern Chemistry”

The German Museum in Munich preserves objects of historical significance in terms of technology and science. Visitors can experience natural science and technology in this museum. It attracts around 1.5 million visitors every year. The concern: Inspiring people to help shape the future.

Deutsches Museum big initiative for the future

In a major initiative for the future, more than 50 exhibitions will be fundamentally renewed. A.KRÜSS will be a small part of this large-scale initiative. We have gladly responded to the request and donated the Deutsches Museum several digital hand refractometers for an upcoming new exhibition.

Donation of A.KRÜSS hand held refractometer
Markus Schmittker (A.KRÜSS Sales Representative) hands over digital hand refractometers from A.KRÜSS to Dr. Susanne Rehn-Taube (Curator German Museum)

From 2021 our hand refractometers will be shown as exhibits in the new exhibition on “Modern Chemistry”. Here, the natural chemical processes surrounding us are thematised from different perspectives. The exhibition also takes a critical look at the man-made chemical manipulation of the world.

Exhibition Modern Chemistry from 2021 onwards
Exhibition Modern Chemistry from 2021 in the Deutsche Museum

Many more highlights are planned, such as the crime scene-diorama, where visitors can discover the reality of crimes by using chemical analysis methods.
Historical laboratories will also be part of the exhibition. In addition there will also be experimental stations where visitors will be able to carry out their own experiments.
We are very pleased that our digital hand refractometers will be presented to a large audience as part of this initiative.

Normally, our instruments are used for analysis in the food industry or to carry out random checks on beer brewers and winegrowers or to supply measured values for the regulation of mixing ratios.

Refractometers all products

Beekeepers use them to determine the water content in honey.

They are used in hospitals, medical practices, medical training institutions and in sports medicine (doping control).

Our small compact precision instruments are now entering one of the most modern natural science museums in the world and in 2021 they will be part of a place where people can discuss science, technology and progress. A fact that fills us with pride.

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