The future belongs to digital services

A.KRÜSS is strongly committed providing digital customer solutions: You can see our devices live in online demonstrations and there are webinars directly from our laboratory in Hamburg. Additionally, we are now progressively converting to digital instruction manuals.

Digital instruction manuals offer many advantages

Our digital manuals bring many advantages to our customers: The reliable and professional PDF format offers an interactive table of contents and thus allows quick and user-friendly navigation. Practical search functions lead directly and precisely to comprehensible instructions and detailed operating data, such as menu settings, technical data or ordering accessories and consumables. Updated versions of the instruction manual can be used immediately. In the generation of comprehensive documentation for complex applications, the instructions can be integrated easily and context-related in digital form. Time-consuming searches for contact addresses and forms are also a history. The contacts for service enquiries regarding installation, calibration, maintenance, repair or a return can be called up from the operating instructions.

Complex user scenarios written in an easy-to-follow way

Every manual we provide is written in an understandable step-by-step guide. They provide detailed and clear menu overviews. Even complex adjustments or calibration procedures are explained on a step-by-step approach. The first customers who have tested our manuals have been positively surprised. Long scrolling and searching for contextual information is a history: a simple click on a link provides a jump to the important information. The double function ALT /⇒ brings you back to the starting point.There are also other valuable features to help you:The digital form enables font enlargement or reading functions. A user can have instructions read out loud and work on the unit at the same time. Digital instructions are also available from anywhere and switching between available languages is easy.

Digital operating instructions - a stint on environmental protection

Converting to digital documents supports the sustainability, that’s where we feel our obligation as an IN ISO 14001:2015 certified company. Important operating instructions can be delivered and distributed in many copies without wasting resources. Updates and new versions do not produce paper waste and the analogue printing of needless language versions is also unnecessary.

Working digitally with A.KRÜSS documents

We first offer digital manuals with all cutting-edge interactive functions for the PT80 and PT31 circulating thermostats as well as for the M5000 and M3000 melting point meters and the AR2008 digital refractometer.Simple digital PDF documents are already available for each of our products. Feel free to contact us, we will support you with our passion for quality and innovation.
Simple digital PDF documents are already available for each of our products. Feel free to contact us, we will also support yo with our passion for quality and innovation.

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