The future needs origin

A.KRÜSS is dedicated to manufacture innovative products with passion for quality. At the same time the company looks back on a two hundred year history.

Company founder family Kruss
Photograph of the Krüss family around 1845

Pioneering and success since 1796 are not just words in the company’s sense, but lived company history.

This is a good reason for updating the original edition of the company history, written by engineer Andres Krüss in 1988.

Now everyone can read the book – History of a Hamburg Family Enterprise – in a new edition.

Generation-spanning passion for innovation

Laterna Magica 1865
Laterna magica by A.KRÜSS around 1865

The new edition once again demonstrates the generation-spanning spirit of the company on forward-looking product developments. Today in Hamburg Krüss manufactures polarimeters, refractometers, density meters and many other measurement and analytical instruments. In the early days, Krüss had produced colorimeters, micro-nephelometers, huge photometer spheres, spectral apparatus, weigh scales and nautical instruments. In the new publication, there are published many historical illustrations of devices from the family archive.
It becomes obvious, why the early patenting and further development of the laterna magica influences the company’s innovative spirit until today. The two brothers Edmund Johann Krüss and William Andres Krüss produced the laterna magica in 1865, with this device their company gained worldwide reputation. Even Japanese instructions had been printed at this time. Also in 2021, the partnership around the world with more than 130 certified partners is very important.

Company history was always connected to family history

Andres Krüss as a child with Lotte 1917

Furthermore, the 136 pages provide a remarkable insight into the family history, which is always connected to the company history.
Photographs by Andres Krüss from 1912 (here with his pet Lotte) are touching and personal.

Today, Dipl.-Ing. Karin Leibrock and Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Schmauck are the eighth generation to run the company.

Requirement for quality and precision are valid to the present day

Spectrometer according to Krüss

Even in the 19th century, quality and precision were important for A.KRÜSS instruments. Impressive illustrations of historical spectral apparatus show why the excellent reputation of A.KRÜSS continues to the present.

Spectroscopes and spectral measuring instruments are still part of the present product portfolio.

As yesterday so today, the company success is also based on the engagement and know-how of the A.KRÜSS management board and the staff of highly qualified employees.

Award-Saint-Louis 1904

Readers of the book get an idea, why instruments from A.KRÜSS gained many awards and still stand for quality today. The Deutsches Museum in Munich, for example, will be showing refractometers from the actual production in an exhibition in this summer 2021.

The company history can be downloaded from the website About Us.

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