Taking the opportunity of a crisis situation - with the brave of innovation

We very quickly realised that the crisis also offers opportunities. Digital transformation is the current challenge of the times.

Gebäude Unternehmen A.KRÜSS Optronic

But despite all the fascination for new possibilities, it is always important for us to focus on customer benefits.

In addition to our online presentations, the webinars, the digital instruction manuals and the digital 360-degree laboratory world, the highest quality standards are always important to us. And that from the earliest days…

Company history gives good forward prospects

Chamber of Commerce print magazine

Sometimes we can almost not believe it ourselves, A.KRÜSS Optronic has a history of more than 225 years. We became aware of this when the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce contacted us for an article about Hamburg companies with a long history. In the current magazine “HVV- Hamburger Wirtschaft” there is a company portrait about us, together with many other traditional companies.

We also used the last year to republish the interesting company history written by Andres Krüss. The German copy is now also published in English for the first time.

A.Kruess History News

Over all this time, the company has always retained the ability to react flexibly to challenges. Already two centuries ago, A.KRÜSS Optronic was one of the so-called “early movers”. So it is tradition to take advantage of the dynamics of a rapidly changing world.

Another new development: customers are increasingly interested in the ecological footprint of companies and rate various sustainability-related aspects as positive.

Customers want to know: Do companies produce in Germany or do they only sell imported products? We live, work and produce in Hamburg, defining values and demands in an all-encompassing way.

Maintenance and repairs

We also maintain long partnerships with service partners all over the world. This is how we see ourselves committed to the idea of sustainability. Our customers appreciate that.

In the coming months, we are also looking forward to many innovations we will be able to present to our customers. There will be new devices that have been developed and in the field of gemmology we will offer a completely new internet website. So it will be very exciting…

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