A.KRÜSS releases new gemological publication

Presentation of a preprint at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

At the world’s oldest and most prestigious gem and mineral show in Tucson, A.KRÜSS is presenting for the first time the new expert publication on gemological examination methods.

Cover Gemological Publication


With the title: Measuring, testing, determining – Bases and methods for inspecting gemstones and ornamental stones, this publication marks a new path for us.
It combines and links the presentation of gemological instruments manufactured by A.KRÜSS Optronic with generally understandable explanations and clarifications on gemology.

The first specialists and also gemological enthusiasts who were allowed to read the publication were impressed. The preprint copies were coveted and found interested parties in the blink of an eye.

Prof. Dr. Jochen Schlüter


The author of the specialist publication is Prof. Dr. Jochen Schlüter, a graduate mineralogist with degree in Hamburg. After subsequent exploration activities in Germany and abroad, he has headed the Mineralogical Museum at the Center of Natural History (CeNak) of the University of Hamburg since 1988. His work has resulted in 125 scientific publications to date and four popular science books.

Gemmological examination methods explained in a comprehensible way

Our aim for the content of the publication was that interested people shall be able to understand the scientific basis on which the instruments were developed.

It is important for us not to write a complicated and scientific treatise. The focus was on the clear and comprehensible presentation and explanatory structure.

Central questions were: How do the respective devices work? Which devices are best suited for which examination? What does your application look like in practice?

Gemstone refractometer assessment

The publication vividly illustrates, for example, how a gemstone refractometer works and how the device uses refraction to determine the refractive index of gemstones. The practical part shows how the refractometer can be used for reliable classification and quality control.

We also provide a view in the inside of a dichroscope. You will learn how polarized light beams behave in the calcite crystal and how the two beams can be absorbed differently.

Dichroscope Function
Function of a dichroscope

Furthermore, there are interesting explanations regarding the functioning of polariscopes, spectroscopes, microscopes, filters and UV lamps. The understandable concept, according to the unanimous response of the readers, has been successfully implemented and well explains the necessary scientific background.

Description of practical examples and applications for users in a comprehensible manner

Polariscope determining red stones
Polariscope as a practical example: Examination of red stones in dark position


The practical examples in the individual chapters, which explain the different examination possibilities with our devices, also attracted increased interest.

Various applications are described in a practical and simple manner, so that they can be easily understood by any user.

We are proud of the cooperation with various photographers and publishers. In the publication we were able to show a very impressive tanzanite photo by the well-known mineral photographer and mineral collector Malte Sickinger. It adorns the first page.

Photo Van-Pelt diamond collier

We were equally pleased that we were allowed to use photos by Friedrich Reinhardt Verlag from Basel and the renowned photographer couple Harold & Erica Van Pelt, who are considered as pioneers in gemological photography. Together, the photos certainly help to make complex scientific relationships even more understandable in the respective chapters.

Tucson Gem and Mineral Show 2020

Tucson Gem and Mineral Show 2020

The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show was again an internationally well attended event in 2020. The oldest and most prestigious gem and mineral show, existed since 1970, has still an increasing count of visitors. Throughout the city there are many independent and operated shows with over 3,000 exhibitors. In downtown Tucson A.KRÜSS were again present at the GJX. The trade fair with over 700 stands shows on 120,000 square meters everything that is interesting to the gemmological world, jewellers and jewellry designers. Companies from all over the world offer the most valuable gemstones and pearls, present unique jewellry works and show the latest gemological examination instruments. For us, an opportunity to have an intensive exchange of expertise between specialists, to learn more about the latest innovations and to present our devices internationally.
Of course there were many lectures and events for the gem and jewellry industry. Topics were e.g. legal issues within the industry and possible strategies for social media PR.

Find out more at INHORGENTA

We look forward to seeing you at Inhorgenta (Stand A2.117)

The next trade fair will take place immediately after the Tucson Event. You can visit us from February 14th to February 17th, 2020 at INHORGENTA (Messe München). There we inform interested visitors about our gemmological measuring instruments and of course we also show the new specialist publication.

If you are curious about our specialist publication and cannot meet us at the trade fair, simply send an email request. Please provide the exact address, company name and telephone number. The specialist publication will be available from April, and we have decided to publish it only as a classic handout and not digitally for the first time.

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