Advanced features optimise the user experience of the autosampler

Software upgrade to firmware version 7.215

New sample series applications and innovative barcode scanner operation

The software upgrading to firmware version 7.215 provides improved and expanded functions and give the autosampler pleasant additional functions. With the current version it is possible to define exact measurement sequences without templates.

autosampler screen configure sample series

Additionally new: Sample series can be paused and edited in the paused state. That offers a new convinced ease of use for optimizing the flexible accomplishment of sample series. Only through these two innovations applications with the autosampler can be very flexibly adapted.

software upgrading start sample series

Further improvement is provided by the function for remeasuring past sample series. With this additional feature, previously created measurement sequences can be recalled at a later time. The editing is retained. Measurement sequences and comparable measurement applications are performed reliably with reduced effort but high quality.

autosampler user screen barcode scanner

Also a valuable plus of the new version: the improved editing function with barcode scanner. Measurement sequences of sample series can be quickly and conveniently configured using a barcode scanner. The cumbersome capture of data and information becomes a thing of the past. This feature opens up many options for making work processes more efficient, saving time and nerves.

autosampler featured barcode scanner funktion

All in all, the new firmware version 7.215 provides many enhancements and offers a further streamline working with A.KRÜSS devices. It equally gives a great possibility for even more convenient, faster and more enjoyable working in laboratories.

news software upgrade autosampler

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