A.KRÜSS introduced trend-setting product premieres

It was a very successful trade show for our booth team. The classy new appearance, has attracted many interested visitors.

Analytica Trade Fair 2022

At A.KRÜSS we had many groundbreaking innovations, for all our products in our show case. Our mission: introducing innovations for established device groups and presenting innovative future technology for various laboratory applications.

Established measurement technology with many innovations

Measurement technology kruess

A lot of our successful measurement devices have been equipped with new and improved functions. They provide enhanced possibilities of use and operation and met great interest of our visitors. Polarimeters, refractometers, density meters and gas analyzers now have capacitive touch screens with a 7.0 inch display. It shows information as well as functions in a more concise way. Operation is faster, flexible and more convenient. Furthermore, there are functions for additional data security, with new authentication methods and user management.

AES technology - fast, efficient, high precision

Analytica flame photometer

Always of great interest are our atomic emission spectrophotometers. They are used to determine the concentration of alkali and alkaline earth elements in aqueous solutions. They are a simple and particularly cost-effective alternative to other analytical techniques such as ICP or AAS.

The fast, powerful, highly accurate AES technology delivers a measurement result accurate to 8 digits in 30 seconds and meets all major industry standards.

The new P9000 polarimeter series

We were very happy to present the new polarimeter directly and personally to our partners and customers. We received a very positive response to this innovative instrument for the analysis of optically active substances.

New P9000 Series Polarimeter

More than positive feedback was received for the new design, the innovative cuvettes and the Peltier technology. Consistent comment: never before measurement, temperature management and operation have been solved in such a clear and application-oriented way. The unanimous opinion: A high-precision measuring instrument which simplifies operation for the user to a maximum.

The new digital refractometer of the DR7000 series

One of our main ambitions is to make the world of accurate refractive index measurement even better, one step after the next. So we also presented a product premiere in the digital refractometer segment. Our product innovation of the DR7000 series meet great interest a the professional audience.

new DR7000 series refractometer

The feedback from all visitors was unanimously positive. Special praise was given to the improved new measuring optics, which significantly reduced the needed sample volume for measurement. Also a positive review was given to the modern and intelligent housing design, which keeps dust and external environmental influences away from the measuring module. Increased interest got the novel Temperature Gate functionality, which takes over the fully automatic temperature management. Feddback was also very good for the LED ring around the sample chamber, which signals the temperature stability and the measurement readiness of the refractometer.

Next Level measurement devices for quality control and product analysing

The future brings the power of automation and enhances the lab process to a significantly higher level. The complexity of substances in the quality assurance of raw materials, intermediate or finished products is increasing. Therefore, measurement devices need to become simpler and clearer in application. We are sure that we have provided significant impulses here with our instruments.

2022 Analytica Munich

The direct dialog with our partners and customers was highly interesting. We very much enjoyed the many professional discussions. The positive response and the high number of visitors at our booth made us very happy. It was a positive acknowledgment of our engagement and the quality of our equipment.
We would like to thank all trade visitors, customers, partners and interested parties for the many informative exchanges.

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