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Benefit from the experience of our trainers

These are the proposals 2019:

  • Refractometry – User training courses basic knowledge
  • Polarimetry – User training courses basic knowledge
  • Density measurement – User training courses basic knowledge
A.KRÜSS seminars take place in Hamburg

Training in seminars and workshops by A.KRÜSS Optronic offers the opportunity to deepen or expand personal expertise in various fields of measuring application and the newest implementation of analytical instruments. Participants get a valuable look at the increasingly important future-oriented methods of automation.

User Training in small groups

Practice-oriented applications are trained and a wide range of application possibilities will be presented.
In the forum with experts and professional colleagues, participants discuss typical challenges in the laboratory environment and receive a wide range of opportunities that can optimize their daily work.

Shown is a wide range of practice-oriented applications

The training aims to gain new knowledge, to convey expert tips and to show a wide range of practical applications.

Learn from the practice and discover new potentials

Latest information is provided to help analyse the efficiency of individual workflows and to help identify potential for increasing productivity in the personal laboratory environment.
Interested parties get latest insights and can keep themselves up to date, fill knowledge gaps and recognize trends.


Dr. Cornelia Göbel


…has more than 19 years of experience in the field of quality assurance in laboratories for the food and beverage industry, flavor production, the pharmaceutical industry, applications in cosmetics companies and packaging manufacturing.

She has well-founded know-how in consulting, support and implementation of customer-specific solutions. She has a lot of practical knowledge in the field of laboratory analysis, application consulting and laboratory automation.

Dr. David Polster

…took over the management of a laboratory in the petrochemical industry, after his postdoctoral studies in Physics. Now he is enhancing A.KRÜSS Optronic as a product manager with his well-founded expertise. He is in charge of strategically planning, developing and managing the entire product range of A.KRÜSS. As a responsible link between development, marketing and manufacturing, he knows the different requirement profiles in the modern work environment. Due to his versatile knowledge, also in the areas of chemical physics and analytics, he has a wide range of solutions.

Stefan Wegner

…has more than 35 years of practical experience in the use of A.KRÜSS devices. This knowledge allows him a holistic view of application and requirements in the laboratory environment.
Since the last 5 years he also has been training technicians in the international sector. He is a specialist in qualifying service partners, improving their skills in repairing and installing A.KRÜSS devices. His seminars bring valuable knowledge to companies. Participants value his competence and the sustainable methodology with which he conceptualises course content, exercises and trainings.

User Training Dates

  • Basics of Refractometry (13.02.2019 / 09.09.2019)
  • Basics of Density (14.02.2019 / 10.09.2019)
  • Basics of Polarimetry (15.02.2019/ 11.09.2019)

Detailed seminar description and registration details:

Refractometry – User training basic knowledge (PDF 866 KB)

Polarimetry – User training basic knowledge (PDF, 903 KB)

Density measurement – User training basic knowledge (PDF, 864 KB)


Expert knowledge compact - Benefit from the experience of our trainers! - Receive practice-relevant fundamentals on measurement technology, influencing factors, successful qualification and audit-proof operation, expert tips and tricks for daily practice in practical training - practical measurements on the device in small workgroups and much more ..

Webinars and Workshops

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