Firmware version 7.217 brings advantages for the operation of the polarimeter

New functions for controlling the circulating thermostats PT80

Firmware version 7.217 enables even more efficient operation with the P8000 series polarimeters

For improved usability, our polarimeters are getting an update of the firmware version. From now on, the circulating thermostat PT80 can be conveniently controlled via the user interface of the connected polarimeter. Previously, this was only possible with the PT31.

After selecting the menu, it is now possible to display temperature-sensor-temperature or PT80

Changes in the target temperature are sent to the circulating thermostat PT80.  At the same time the actual temperature of the PT80 is displayed in the user interface of the polarimeter. The former adjustment of the temperature directly on the user interface of the PT80 is no longer necessary. The advantages are obviously: inconvenient handling and setting of two devices are things of the past.

Another advantage of the improved software 7.217:
It is also possible to enter temperature offsets via the user interface. These can compensate temperature losses on hoses and on measuring systems. The respective offset is determined by pressing a button on the user interface of the polarimeter. This function ensures that the required target temperature actually exists.

Temperature offsets ensures that the required target temperature actually exists

The advanced features of firmware version 7.217 make the A.KRÜSS polarimeters more efficient. All applications which cannot find sufficient support in the temperature control range 5°C – 35°C of of the PT31, will be now conveniently carried out with the PT80. He offers the temperature control range 5°C – 80°C. Both circulators are extremely quiet, small and require only a small filling volume.

Increased productivity in the laboratory with A.KRÜSS equipment

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