Insights into the interesting world of measurement instruments

We believe it is quite normal that today there are no longer any “typical” professions for men or women. Nevertheless, unfortunately men still mainly work in the field of measurement technology. There are simply not enough women in technical professions. We think that this should be changed.

So, it was absolutely necessary for us to have two schoolgirls as visitors for the Girls’ Day this year.

Girls day-2022 learning more about measurement technology
For Ylvie and Clara, there were many new things to experience: "We enjoyed the whole day. It was very interesting to look into many areas (lab, online, shipping). The whole day was packed with many interesting activities we were allowed to do."

Girls can do engineering too

The two girls were able to learn exciting professional impressions in the field of measurement technology. They had access to our complete laboratory.

Girls day-2022-discover microscopes

Clara and Ylvie were introduced to the different devices in our lab. They were allowed to carry out examinations with the microscope and examine a variety of materials.

Girls day refractometer testing

Another highlight was working with the refractometer and determining the refractive index of samples. The students could learn more about the functions of each device on our Campus website.

A day full of new impressions

The schoolgirls were able to experience first-hand how interesting and exciting working in laboratories with measurement technology can be. For Clara and Ylvie, it was certainly a day full of new experiences.

We enjoyed the time with them very much and looking forward to the next year and the Girls’ Day.

Girls'day-A.KRÜSS-measurement technology
Mission Girls day fulfilled: "We had great fun trying out the devices ourselves. We quickly understood the functions and were therefore able to carry out many measurements."

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