Handheld refractometer - high measurement accuracy on site

The handheld refractometer is a precise measurement instrument that allows the easy measurement of a wide range of samples. We recommend regularly calibrating of the device. In principle, this procedure is quite simple to be done. But many people do not exactly know which points should be considered. This also goes for the adjustment process. Users often ask, “How exactly can I do this right?” Now we show both applications in a short video.

Handheld refractometer - calibration & adjustment simply explained

Handheld refractometers are used in many fields of application

Handheld refractometers are used in the food industry, agriculture, beekeeping to determine the water content of honey or it is used to determine the sugar content of grape juice, syrup, fruit and vegetal juices.

Refractometers can also be used to determine the salt content (salinity) of liquids. This is relevant in the production of brine cheese (e.g. sheep’s cheese, feta cheese) or for preserving grilled meat and similar.
In addition, the small measuring devices are also used for controlling the operating fluids of heat systems or for the measurement of cooling liquids.

Furthermore, the metall processing industry works with hand refractometers, for example to examine oil emulsions (measurement of oil content in water). An overview is given under the rubric “Typical areas of application”.

For each demand the right refractometer

With the appropriate refractometer, it is possible to measure a wide range of samples in a broad spectrum of applications. With us, you can count on excellent device quality . This also includes our digital laboratory refractometers, the classic Abbe refractometers, the process refractometers and the small digital handheld refractometers.

With pleasure we consult you, which specifications to the available refractometer models from A.KRÜSS conform to your requirements. Please feel free to contact us.

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