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For the realization of a scene, acting as well as masks, costumes and stage design requisites are very important. Apart from large objects, such as cars, it is often also a small, carefully selected film requisite that makes a scene look really real.

A.KRÜSS microscopes on the film set of the ARD series "The Secret of the Dead Forest"

This is why our quality microscopes are more and more used at Hamburg film shootings. The newest case for example is the ARD three-part documentary: “The Secret of the Forest of the Dead”, broadcast on: December 2nd/5th & 9th at 8:15 p.m.
The films tell the story of a criminal case that has remained unsolved for almost thirty years.

Matthias Brandt plays LKA boss Thomas Bethge

The plot: In the summer of 1989 Barbara Neder (Silke Bodenbender) disappeared. She is the sister of the high-ranking Hamburg LKA boss Thomas Bethge, played by Matthias Brandt. For a long time this case remained unclosed. Even after his retirement, the LKA boss continues to investigate the disappearance of his sister and comes on to the track of a suspected serial killer.

It becomes thrilling …

The high-quality A.KRÜSS microscopes have been developed for medical and biological applications in laboratories, industry and education and are valued for their excellent image quality. Therefore our microscopes are very popular by film equipment suppliers. For the ARD production “The Secret of the Forest of the Dead” director Sven Bohse used the A.KRÜSS Optronic microscope MBL3300 in a scene with Oliver Sauer.

Professor Fischer (Oliver Sauer) makes a important discovery while observing a sample under the microscope

For other scenes in the TV serial, several other microscopes were used: The MBL3200 biological inverted microscope, the MSZ5000-T-IL-TL zoom stereo microscope, the MBL2000-T binocular microscope and the new professional microscope cameras MKTV5 and microscope camera MKTV5-Display.

Product overview microscopes

If you would like to discover our microscopes not only on television, please feel free to ask for more information. We offer stereo microscopes, binocular microscopes as well as monocular microscopes. The product range varies from entry-level to high-professional high precision microscopes. We also have a wide range of extensive accessories such as cameras, light sources, objectives, etc.

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