Join us at analytica

The analytica is recognized as the world’s leading marketplace for new devices and services for laboratory equipment.

We will be in Munich from 21. to 24.6 and will show many interesting innovations. We look forward seeing you at our booth (booth 124, Hall B1).

A.KRÜSS is presenting many innovations

Visitores of our booth will see that there is a lot of innovations happening at A.KRÜSS. We present a new corporate design and also many interesting information about measurement devices and new innovative technologies.

All devices with new 7.0" touchscreen

Capacitive touchscreen: Device handling is conducted via capacitive touchscreens with fast processing units. The glass surface can be operated with gloves and cleaned with many solvents.
Display: The 18-bit colour depth provides 262,000 colours and creates crisp images. Glare effects in sunlight are reduced to a minimum.
Data security: New specific settings for network access, with user-specific restrictions. New enhanced authentication concepts with secure login. Saves your data from unauthorised access.

Optimised real-time measurement: In pipe or tank

New process refractometers

User interface: Operation via WEB-Interface with improved usability.
Protection class: IP65 for the process refractometer and all connections offer IP67 during use.
Interfaces: Additional serial interface. A display can be connected and a serial data connection can be used simultaneously.
Switching outputs: indicating various device statuses.
Mounting: Pre-assembled connection cables for easy installation.

The next generation DR7000

We would also like to introduce our visitors to our next generation of digital refractometers. A new design gives our measurement devices a modern look. In addition, there are many advanced features that will make your daily routine more efficient and convenient.

New Digital Refractometer DR7000

Modern design: We continue to use metal housings, they making products highly durable and eco friendly.
7.0″ display: We can show more information on the capacitive 7.0″ display. It provides greater ease of use and can be cleaned quickly and easily with many solvents.
Ventilation concept: From now on, the new measuring optics and electronics are more resistant to ambient conditions, such as dust or moisture. This is the result of our new ventilation concept, which is also contribute to the high measuring accuracy and repeatability of the DR7000 models.

Temperature management: The new temperature gate functionality ensures fully automatic temperature management. An LED ring around the sample chamber signals the temperature stability of the measurement and the ready-for-measurement status.
Sample chamber: The required sample volume has been significantly reduced by redesigning the sample chamber. The sample can be tempered more quickly and the measurement chamber is easier to clean.

Be impresed by our pioneering combination of cutting-edge design, innovative technology and state-of-the-art functionality. Test our new refractometer series directly at our booth.

A new polarimeter of all abilities - even more efficient and faster than ever before.

Our polarimeters also feature an innovative and amazing new design, with many enhanced features. The temperature control and stabilisation technology as well as the cuvette design have been completely reconsidered. All to ensure even more performance and measurement accuracy.

New polarimeters P9000

Cuvettes: The innovative rectangular shape of the cuvettes has many advantages compared to the classic round design. Rectangular cuvettes can be tempered much more rapidly as well as homogeneously and require only a very small sample volume (2ml). The cuvettes can be inserted directly into the polarimeter without using a cover flap.
Sample filling: To apply the sample, the cuvettes can simply be placed on the lab bench and filled with a syringe. In this way, the filling process can be observed over the entire length of the cuvette. Air bubbles, streaks or impurities in the sample are immediately visible.

Temperature management: Placed in the peltier temperature control slide, the different cuvettes and calibration quartzes are automatically recognised and temperature-controlled by means of RFID technology. The new temperature gate functionality takes over temperature management fully automatically. An LED ring around the sample chamber signals the temperature stability of the measurement device and the ready-for-measurement status. Each sample is tempered to the set target temperature within just 30 seconds!

If you would like to know more details and try out our new devices, please visit us at our booth at the analytica !

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