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Our gas analysers are used for gas analysis for inert gas testing in food packaging. Here it is an essential analyser for quality control in the lab or on the pack machine. With their long-life measuring cells, high reliability is guaranteed and the maintenance of the device is reduced to a minimum.

Gas Analysers MAT1000 Series

Examples of application are inspection after revision or modification of the film or packaging materials. They are also used for changes to the packaging machine to check seal seams or weld seams. Furthermore, gas analysers are used for tests on the distribution channel or for quality assurance of retained samples. Thus, these devices are almost indispensable in the filling or packaging of sensitive or perishable products.

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Dr. Cornelia Goebel- Expert at KRÜSS

We offer special training and sales support. Dr. Cornelia Gobel has been an expert in laboratory measuring instruments for over 25 years and knows how to sell gas analysers! As a chemist with a doctorate, she is experienced in many areas of laboratory analysis. She sees herself as a mediator between the latest measurement technology and the current requirements. Customers value her expertise and experience in implementing complex automation or online concepts in their daily lab routine. Simply make an appointment with us for the training course.

Online product training & online application consulting

New colleague Yuliia Palii

We also can demonstrate our products for you on site or via video conference directly from our laboratory in Hamburg. So you can experience our measuring devices in a live setting.

Any questions? You are welcome to call our sales department directly: Yuliia Palii:  Phone:+49 (0) 40 5143 17-0 (E-Mail: We would be happy to support you. Or you can make an appointment quickly and easily with our technical service centre via the contact form. We would be happy to support you.

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