Smarter, faster & more reliable - Our new digital refractometers

The technology of devices is changing rapidly. We are keen to set benchmarks in this dynamic environment. New technologies, materials or processes open the field for device innovations, such as the capacitive touch panel technology. That is the technologie we are now implementing in our new refractometers.

New touch screen technology with 7.0 inch display

The usability of operating components has been an important factor in the automotive, aerospace and telecommunication industries for decades. But this has only recently become important for the laboratory environment. A.KRÜSS made its mark in the year 2000 with the introduction of a colour touch displays for refractometers.


Now we are presenting a new second generation with completely new options of use and handling. So why does our new touch screen make it easier to operate the device?

The user controls the refractometer via an even larger 7.0 inch display surface. Information and functions are arranged much more visibly. The 7.0 inch display makes interactions faster and operation more flexible and comfortable.

Capacitive technology for lab applications

For several years capacitive touchscreens have been established in the industrial and medical sector. And now we are bringing them to laboratory application. Their surface is made of glass and they use the conductivity of the human finger as an input.

New 7-inch capacitive screen

The advantage: A capacitive touchscreen with a fast computing unit provides a much faster response time. Operation is quick and precise. Relevant functions can be started smoothly even when the user is wearing gloves. Unlike conventional resistive touch panels, the new surface can be cleaned easily with solvents and is more suitable for everyday use in chemical environments.  The18-bit colour depth delivers 262,000 colours and produces clear images and high screen contrast. Glare is reduced to a minimum. This guarantees good visibility even in sunlight.

From now on: Additional security for your data

When using measuring instruments, it is important to optimise the use in parallel to measurement accuracy and reproducibility. Furthermore, data integrity has highest relevance. For this central requirement, we already developed intelligent authorisation concepts in order to protect the recorded data and measured values.

data output measured values

These have been further improved: the new, well thought-out authentication methods of a secure login, provide from now increased security. The combination of user name and password protects stored data, on the user’s server, more effectively against unauthorised access. This ensures that confidentiality, integrity and the availability of data are clearly and securely regulated (conformity with 21-CFR Part 11).

More innovations will follow

With this first new developments of our successful digital refractometers, we have set an important milestone. But that’s not all, in the course of this year we will surprise you with many more innovations for all our device groups. In focus: a clear promise for more user comfort, precision and an instrument technology with new use-oriented functions.

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