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Our instruments are widely used analytical devices in many fields of quality assurance. When you decide to buy an A.KRÜSS instrument you will always also have access to expert know-how on measurement procedures, measurement methods and normative specifications.
For this reason we have started the campus project from our website in 2017. With great success, as the numerous visits to the site have shown. Furthermore, articles about – How do polarimeters or refractometers work – are also being used in universities. An example: The Technical University Munich uses our information in seminars at the chair of Food Chemistry and Molecular Sensor Science.

So why is there a need of background information from our campus?

In our contact with the customers we have learned that the requirements for analytical equipment in the quality assurance field are continuously rising. In many cases customers are not confident in their decision about which precision instrument is most suitable for their particular work environment. Information about application areas, samples, standards, guidelines and cleaning as well as functionalities, can provide useful and important key insights in this context.


Refractometers, for example, are used in a wide range of different applications. They measure the refractive index and therefore the purity or concentration of ingredients or the sugar content in liquids, to name just a few  examples. Refractometers, for example, are used in a wide range of different applications.
In our campus you can learn more about the background of this very reliable measurement technology. Here you will find well-founded professional explanations about the refractometer measurement principle. Also of great interest for our users: Do the refractometers meet the normative guidelines of the measurement requirements? For this reason, our Campus now informs you about standards and guidelines referring on refractometers. The number of samples that can be measured with these devices is extremely large. When you know your measurement range, then you can save money. In order to determine the required measurement range, we have measured over 300 different samples and have listed them all with nD values. Naturally, for an uncomplicated operation in the practice it is of importance to know in which way and with what you can clean the instrument fast and efficiently. Now summarized in our Campus, you will find cleaning tips and the methods with which we have made the best experiences.


Our polarimeters are used for quality control, in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients as well as for identity testing of chiral substances in the incoming/outgoing inspection laboratories. These are sectors that are mainly high regulated. For this reason, it is important to know how polarimeters and the automated applications are used, to ensure standard-compliant measurement procedures. Our overview of the standards referring to polarimeters, gives important and valuable information for each branch. Polarimeters are still modern, high selective devices and offer a fast measuring method for many analysis applications. In that context the campus can answer such important questions like: What samples can be measured? And which instrument is suitable for the required area of application? Also of great interest: How does the measurement actually work?

Density measurement

For density measurement, our digital devices work with oscillating U-tube method, a highly precise method that is presently far superior to other density measurement methods. But how does measuring according to the oscillating U-tube method work? Also important, which samples can be measured and what are the demands on accuracy? We have developed suitable density meter sets for different working methods. Details on samples and density can also be found on our campus. Normative specifications are equally relevant for the use of density meters. We provide information about the standards and guidelines that relate to density meters.

The new informative articles on our website show the importance we attach to the demands and the satisfaction of our users. We provide our customers with a quality measuring instrument plus expert knowledge and professional and dependable support.

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