Optimised real-time measurement - Inline in pipelines or bypass in a tank

The A.KRÜSS process refractometers allow precise measurements of a wide variety of liquids. They can be used to monitor identity tests, purity control and concentration determination directly in the process.

The model PRB21S is usually bypassed to the main process. The sample is fed as a partial flow of the main process through the measuring cell and is measured continuously either by pumping or hydrostatic pressure. This model is used to monitor product quality directly in the process.

New process refractometers

The inline process refractometer model PR21S is installed in pipelines of the production facilities in order to control and regulate the concentration, mixing and fermentation processes.

Our customers appreciate these refractometers for their high precision in identity tests, purity control and concentration determination of raw materials, semi-finished products and end productsraw materials.

Furthermore, our process refractometers are highly demanded due to their high-end optics and their low-maintenance operation with full CIP capability.

As of now: Numerous of new features provide enhanced measurement accuracy

Process refractometers PR21 Inline

Now our process refractometers have been comprehensively optimized:

  • They provide a new, more clearly arranged user interface for more operating comfort via WEB interface.
  • The protection class has been increased to IP65 and all connections have IP67 during use.
  • In addition, there is an extra serial interface: This enables to connect a display and a serial data connection simultaneously.
Process refractometers PRB21S


  • Also new: Two switch outputs for indicating various device statuses.
  • Another plus: A status LED signals also the different states of the refractometer.
  • Mounting has also been made easier: from now on, the process refractometers can be ordered with pre-assembled connection cables.
  • All these new features bring more convenience and greater reliablity to real-time concentration measurement.

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