A.KRÜSS Gemmology launches a new web shop

Since 1960, jewellers, watchmakers, designers, collectors and gemmological experts turn to us when selecting the right device for examining gemstones. Our customers appreciate the precision and durability of our instruments.


Professionals in the gemstone and jewellery industry know that expert evaluation needs state-of-the-art techniques and devices: Polariscope, refractometer, microscope, dichroscope, spectroscope, diamond tester, we provide gemological experts and collectors with high quality equipment.
The demands on experts are constantly growing, there is an increasing number of possible areas of origin as well as more refined methods of producing synthetic stones, and more and more varietys of new gemmological techniques. We are happy to be at experts side with our quality instruments. In the new Gemmo-Shop you will find the needed instrument or accessory quickly and clearly arranged.

A gemmology shop with a wide selection of devices

webshop gemstone microscopes

Perhaps you are looking for a device for analysing inclusions, determining places of origin, or you would like to make a classification of a gemstone. In all these cases, you will find the right device in our shop in the wide range of microscopes and microscope accessories. If you would like to work mobile at customers side or at trade fairs, choose our portable lab. This travel lab allows experts to create assessments, analyses and gemstone valuations with the necessary precision instruments, regardless of location.
Of course, you will also find all other gemmological equipment and high-quality accessories, such as a wide range of tweezers and magnifying glasses.

In addition, there is much more to discover in the new shop. We did also the best on presentation, all contents are available in the languages German, English, French and Spanish. We know, gemmologists and professionals are searching worldwide for quality devices.

Prof. Dr. Jochen Schlüter

Already at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, the first edition of our new gemmology brochure with lots of specialist information was gone in no time. The author of the publication is Prof. Dr. Jochen Schlüter, who holds a degree in mineralogy and has managed the Mineralogical Museum in Hamburg since 1988.

The informative brochure is now available to anyone as the second edition in a print version for a small, nominal fee.

Additionally in the gemmology-shop a large variety of professional infos & news

Alternatively, you can get these valuable information in the web shop as a free download among many exemplary applications.

New brochure new gem webshop

You can learn more about various themes, for example, measuring the refractive index, determining places of orgin, identifying imitations or observing inclusions, and much more. Those who want to know more can download the information as a white paper free of charge.

In addition, we publish interesting news about gemmology such as gemstones as an investment.

We think  the new webshop and the new brochure, have again met our high standards of quality and knowledge. All according to the principle: our customers are always in the centre of our activities and those who decide to buy an A.KRÜSS gemmology device benefit at any time to our extensive professional know how. A good idea in times when the complexities of gemmology are constantly on the rise.

Click here to join our new gemmology shop.

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