Refractometers - "They have never been as good as they are today"

Hear interesting expert lectures at the LAB-SUPPLY Vienna

Much has happened since Ernst Abbe introduced his refractometer to experts in 1872.

Digital Refractometer, Process Refractometer, Abbe Refractometer and Hand Refractometer – Especially today industrial and research laboratories use a variety of analysers. But not every variant of the device is equally suitable for the individually required application. Those who want to work in their laboratory with high efficiency and measurement reliability are well advised to get knowledgeable information’s about the wide range of refraction measurement.

Be informed about the wide variety of refractometer applications

The lectures at the LAB-SUPPLY Vienna offer an excellent opportunity to get a wide range of funded informations. Here selected experts, such as Dr. med. Göbel from our house, will give practical lectures and answer specialist questions. Trade visitors appreciate these free symposia as highly informative discussion platforms.

From practice, Dr. med. Göbel: "Demands on modern refractometers have increased enormously in recent years, but the devices have never been as good as they are today."

Dr. Göbel talks about the various equipment variants of the refractometer and provides information on the possible combinations of the latest measuring technology with modern automation methods. The audience also gets an insight into the physical principles of measurement methods. In addition, there is space to discuss factors influencing precise measurement and frequent user faults.

Refractometer DR6300-TF for fully automatic sample feeding
Understand the future-fit refractometer usage and benefit from advantages

Miss Dr. Göbel understands herself as a mediator between the latest measurement technology and the current requirements. From her daily work, she knows the enormously growing demands on a contemporary quality management. Therefore, her comments and tips for successful qualifications and audit-proof operation have great value to users who are interested in profound knowledge. Customers value their expertise and experience in implementing complex automation or online concepts in the daily lab routine. In addition, many clients appreciate her competence to transfer knowledge and exchange tips for good practices.

If you need application-specific information about refractometry, you should join the lecture by Dr. Göbel  on 19.03.2019 in lecture room 2.33 at 10:15 a.m.


Dr. Cornelia Göbel has more than 20 years of experience in the field of physical measurement technology in laboratories of the food and beverage industry, chemistry, pharmacy, research and development as well as the packaging industry.
Her focus is to integrated customer-specific solutions, starting with the analysis of requirements, consulting, implementation and after-sales support. She always considers the individual customer requirements under the aspect of quality assurance and conformity with standards as well as application development.

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