Revised user interface with integrated audit trail

New features with familiar usability

Complete data tracking and sample input in seconds

A complete record of all measurement and system-relevant changes is indispensable today. Regardless of whether it is a regulated area, complete traceability or simply the desire to be able to follow changes to the system – in all these cases, A.KRÜSS Optronic’s new Audit Trail function offers a database that can not be manipulated. In combination with the completely redesigned user management, user rights must be set up quickly and clearly.

Important improvements additionally facilitate the measuring routine with our devices. In addition to a revision of the temperature stabilization, the integration of the autosampler was put to the test and completely redesigned. New easy-to-understand user interface, barcode scanning in seconds, pausing and resuming a sample run so that urgent samples can be integrated directly into the current sample run and any number of measurements per sample run are just some of the cornerstones of this redesigned and improved automatic sample feed.

Operating Window Audit Trail
Operating Window Audit Trail

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