Protective atmosphere packaging exist all around

According to estimates by the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), around 90 percent of fresh meat in the self-service section of supermarkets is packaged in modified atmospheres. The major food stores also provide information.

Areas of application

Even the packaging of baked rolls, pasta specialties from the refrigerated shelf, packaged cheese, sausages or ready-cut fruit are filled with the protective gas mixture. The industries that manufacture products using modified atmosphere packaging benefit from using our gas analysers. The analysers measure the gas mixtures in the packaging. All you need to know about modified atmosphere packaging is now shown in a video. For example, we provide information about different protective gas and mixtures being used. You will learn which industry processes is working with which protective gases and in which composition.

Our gas analysers measure in numerous industries

Video Information Modified Atmosphere Packaging

According to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, the packaging process is absolutely harmless. This means that the consumption of “modified atmosphere packaged” products is not harmful to health. However, the benefits of the packaging method can only be guaranteed as long as the packaging is intact.

To verify the intactness, the A. KRUESS gas analysers are being used in quality control. How exactly this works is also shown in the video.

You will learn more about the measurements of our gas analysers and how they determine the gas concentrations of the protective gas  mixtures. Of course, there is also specialized information for our devices, which are best for what kind of application and industry.

Protective gas packaging in the context of sustainability

Furthermore, in the video you will learn more about how the sustainability aspect of this packaging is applied. Because this packaging technology also helps to avoid waste and food wastage. Especially for fresh food, such as quickly perishable organic meat, modified atmosphere packaging has an important impact.

Click here to go directly to the video. You are also welcome to read our Campus article with more information on the technology.

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