Heat transfer liquid for circulating thermostats

Tailored for use with PT31/PT80



Key Features
Key Features

For care of A.KRÜSS circulating thermostats

ThermostatCare was developed by A.Krüss Optronic to serve as a supreme heat transfer liquid which protects thermostats against corrosion and biofouling even for prolonged operation times. Additionaly we offer a version including an coloured indicator that indicates a degredation of stability.

Safety data sheet (PDF, 96 KB)

Order no.Description Content/FunctionQuantity
TCA01-05ThermostatCare A Heat transfer liquid for PT31/PT80500 ml
TCA01-10ThermostatCare AHeat transfer liquid for PT31/PT801000 ml
TCB01-05ThermostatCare BHeat transfer liquid for PT31/PT80 with coloured stability indicator500 ml
TCB01-10ThermostatCare BHeat transfer liquid for PT31/PT80 with coloured stability indicator1000 ml

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