Inverted microscope

MBL3200 - Transmitted light microscope for biology and medicine

Inverted microscope MBL3200

Inverted microscope MBL3200

Key features
Key features

Laboratory microscope with extensive equipment

The MBL3200 inverse microscope is specially designed for the identification and analysis of biological substances and cultures. The objectives have a large working distance, making it possible, for example, to examine samples through the bottom of petri dishes. With an upright microscope, the lens is under the specimen and the condenser above the specimen, which is particularly suitable for viewing on microscope slides. In an inverted microscope, this arrangement is reversed. This gives the user more space and ensures the required proximity of the lens to the specimen, so that even living cells in cell culture dishes or other, larger containers can be easily analyzed. In addition, an inverted microscope allows easy access to the cells, for example micromanipulators. The photo and C-mount video adapter allows connection of camera and video camera.

  • Large working distance
  • Betrachtung in größeren Bahältern, wie z.B. Zellkulturschalen möglich
  • Living cells in cell culture dishes or other, larger containers can be analyzed
  • Documentation via connection for camera and video camera possible
  • Wide range of accessories available

Typical applications

  • For biology and medicine, testing laboratories and environmental institutes
  • For the identification and analysis of biological substances and cultures
  • Identification of different cell structures
  • For the investigation of living cells
  • For examination in cell culture dishes and other large containers
  • Possibility of micromanipulation

Model specifications

OPTICAL EQUIPMENT10x plane eyepiece
Visual field number: 22
Objectives (planachromatic, infinity):
4x/NA 0.10 // object field Ø: 5.5 mm
10x/NA 0.25 // object field Ø: 2.2 mm
40x/NA 0.65 // object field Ø: 0.55 mm
PH20x/NA 0.40 // object field Ø: 1.1 mm
Coaxial coarse/fine adjustment
Iris diaphragm
Filter holder
Blue filter
Green filter
ILLUMINATION6 V 30 W, adjustable
STAGE SIZE (WxDxH)160x250x20 mm
OBJECT FIELD DIAMETER5.5 mm with 4x/NA 0.10
2.2 mm with 10x/NA 0.25
0.55 mm with 40x/NA 0.65
1.1 mm with PH20x/NA 0.40
MAXIMUM OBJECT HIGHT24 mm with 4x/NA 0.10
23 mm with 10x/NA 0.25
21 mm with 40x/NA 0.65

Microscope camera

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How does a Microscope work?

The microscope was invented around 1600 in the Netherlands and has undergone continuous development ever since. With the advent of electron microscopes, light microscopes have been declared dead numerous times.Yet these predictions have proven overly hasty.

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