Activation of Warranty and free-of-charge extension

Guarantee extensions

To extend your standard guarantee from 1 to 3 years, we offer two variants.

3-year guarantee with warranty extension “Basic”

You want maximum security for your new device?

Then the guarantee extension “Basic” is just right for you. Purchase our guarantee extension package “Basic” and benefit from our extended equipment protection, which extends our guarantee to 3 years.

3-year guarantee as part of a maintenance contract

You want regular calibration of your devices, trouble-free operation with long service life and you wish to protect yourself from unexpected repair costs?

Then a maintenance contract is just right for you. It ensures an annual preventive check, adjustment and calibration of your measuring instruments, thus ensuring accuracy of measurement and long-term care and trouble-free operation. The guarantee extension to 3 years is part of the maintenance contract, provided that the contract is completed within one year of the delivery date of the device.

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5-year guarantee for all microscopes

For our microscopes, we always grant a 5-year guarantee from the date of purchase.

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