Starter Kit gemmological workstation

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A gemmological workstation is the gateway to a particularly fascinating world:
the beauty and clarity of precious stones or the complex organic structure of corals, the silky shimmer of pearls or the melting and recrystallization of rocks–with good basic equipment not much remains concealed from you.

So that you can begin your trip into the gemmological realm with professional equipment, we have put together a comprehensive Starter Kit for you.

This is the introductory offer…

  • Gem spectroscope KL12-1504
  • Gem refractometer ER601-NA
  • LED illumination BM601
  • Anderson liquid FL100
  • Stereo Zoom Microscope KSW5000-T-K-W
  • Handheld dichroscope HD10
  • Stone tweezers KOF10LR
  • Loupe LU10-21SGR
  • Gemmology tables KT12DE