Krüss offers a complete range of instrumentation for the professional gemmologist. The range includes:

Krüss Gem Travel Labs

Krüss offers two products, within their professional travel lab portfolio, ideal when the need to identify and evaluate gems on the move is required.

Gemstone Microscopes

Krüss offers three ranges of gemstone microscopes, all with precision optics for the examination of diamonds and gemstones with accessories including lamps, filters, ring-lamps, stone holders and eyepieces.

Gemstone Refractometers

Krüss offers two refractometer models for the classification and quality control of gemstones, as a compact professional or standard version. They both provide a sharp image and good readability.

Cold Light Sources

Krüss offers three models in its KL series of fibre optic light sources, including the powerful KL5125 which offers adjustable intensity at a colour temperature of 5500K from a 150W halogen bulb.

Gemstone Spectroscopes

Krüss offers two series of gem spectroscopes for analysing light passing through a gemstone, to confirm identification. Both have spectroscope holder, polariser, analyser, and conoscope.

UV- and Analysis Lamps

Five models of UV and Analysis Lamps can be used to determine the luminescence of UV radiation and can be used for testing bank notes, credit card, gems, ID cards and passports.

Binocular Magnifying Eyeglasses and Loupes

Krüss offers lightweight binocular magnifying eyeglasses, giving stereoscopic short distance viewing with a working distance of 270-300mm, and a range of 17 models of high precision loupes with magnification from 10x to 28X.

The Krüss Gemstone Workstation

Krüss offers an excellent choice of gemstone workstation instruments and accessories: diamond testers, proportionscopes, proportion eyepieces, digital gem gauges, dichroscopes, polariscopes and immersion liquids.