Gemstone Microscopes

Stunning Clarity for Professional Gemmologists

Krüss offer three ranges of gemstone microscopes, all with precision optics for the examination of diamonds and gemstones.

Series KSW4000 incorporates three models with stereo zoom (1x and 3x objective) for diamond and gemstone analysis, a magnification of 10 x and 30x, with an option of 20x and 60x. All models in this series have an objective revolver, stone holder, Darkfield, plus 10 eyepieces are supplied as standard. There is an option to select a cuvette and table, immersion facility, inbuilt fibre optic light, two armed light guide, or 12V/20W reflected and transmitted light.

Series KSW5000 covers two models of stereo microscopes with 7x – 45x objective, Darkfield, stone holder, cuvette table and polarisation.

Series KSW8000 is a stereo zoom and tilting microscope, with a 7x – 45x zoom objective and LED illumination. The optical head has a 45 degree incline, and the tilt has a 360 degree swivel. This instrument is delivered complete with stone holder, Darkfield, and 10 Plano eyepieces.

Krüss has a wide range of accessories for this series of Gemstone Microscopes, including lamps, filters, ring-lamps, stone holder, eyepieces, chemicals, video-adapters, photo-adapters, fibre optic light sources, fibre optic light pipes, lenses, and LEDs.

For prices and availability information on this range of Gemstone Microscopes, please contact your nearest Krüss distributor, who will be delighted to help.

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3 year warranty for all Kruess microscopes


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Darkfield and gemstone analysis

Darkfield microscopy is a simple and very effective technique, for diamond and gemstone analysis, producing images with a dark background. However, to obtain good images the sample should be illuminated for the best possible results when grading and viewing. The requirement for a higher intensity light is because only reflected light is seen. At low magnification most instruments can be set up so that light is reflected toward the viewer rather than passing through the object directly toward the viewer.

Most gemstone microscopes with Darkfield have a simple darkfield condenser. This condenser sits on top of a base transmitted light source. This changes the path of the lighting from the base to the sides, creating a black field with a brightly illuminated sample.

Other microscopes with Darkfield are high powered, fitted with a powerful illumination source, and have a special condenser. This takes the normal illumination and changes the path of the light, illuminating the specimen from the sides.

KSW8000 specialist gemstone microscope
KSW8000 specialist gemstone microscope

KSW5000 specialist gemstone microscope
KSW5000 specialist gemstone microscope

KSW4000-K-W specialist gemstone microscope
KSW4000-K-W specialist gemstone microscope