The Krüss Gemstone Workstation

Diamond Tester, Proportionscopes, Proportion Eyepieces, Digital Gem Gauge, Dichroscopes, Polariscopes and Immersion Liquids

Krüss offers an excellent choice of gemstone workstation instruments and accessories, comprising:

Diamond Tester: two handheld options – the DPM80 Presidium Multi-Tester battery-operated tester, works by thermal resistance. It has a retractable tip to deliver accurate and consistent pressure. Fast testing (of diamonds, sapphires and moissanite) is guaranteed, there is no waiting time between tests, and the automatic power-save ensures a longer battery life (there is an indicator to highlight when the battery is low). Test results are given both visually and by sound. The DiamondMate DP10 is a pocket-sized, easy to use tester for diamonds. It provides fast results using thermal conductivity, and will instantly determine diamonds from other similar stones.

Proportionscopes: two handheld options, the HA10 and HP10, are ideal for use on the move, for measuring the precise dimensions and ideal cut of diamonds – the easy to read ‘hearts’ and ‘arrows’ demonstrate the optimum cross section.

Proportion eyepieces: offered as an accessory for zoom and GIA microscopes, the proportion eyepiece provides an additional quality check of diamond dimensions. Two models, with stone holder are available – the PO11 for zoom microscopes, and the PO111 for GIA Microscope.

Dichroscopes: two models – the HD10 Calcite handheld Dichroscope and the LD10 London Dichroscope. An invaluable pocket instrument used to test transparent gemstones, and which will show mineral grains within a stone as different colours when observed at different angles – these Dichroscopes give a bright, sharp image.

Polariscopes: model PK11 incorporates an LED pocket torch for analysis, and model PK14-LED is complete with a stone holder, conoscope lens and has an illumination of 10W (at 220V). These instruments will identify single or double refracting stones quickly and accurately, and will help distinguish between natural and synthetic amethyst, and separate jade and chalcedony from glass. They also assist in the detection of strain in diamonds prior to cutting.

Immersion liquids: two options, available in 50 ml bottles; reference MJ10 Diiodomethane, 1.74 nD and reference BM10 Bromnaphtaline, 166 nD. These liquids are for the use with horizontal microscopes only.

Polarisation filters, glass cuvettes for immersion fluids, and polariscope glass plates are also available.

For prices and availability information on Gemstone workstation equipment, accessories and replacement parts, please contact your nearest Krüss distributor, who will be delighted to help. For full technical specifications, please download the relevant datasheet here.

Krüss Gemmo-Shop
You can find our Tools for the Gemstone Workstation in the Gemmo-Shop.


Diamond testers – how times change

Diamond testers used to be large boxes filled with expensive electrical circuitry, supplied with a separate probe. Like old wireless sets, they were plugged into the mains. You had to wait for them to warm up, only once the desired temperature was reached, could you press the probe onto the stone, and wait for a reaction.

Today, diamond testers are small electronic instruments with fine probes converting thermal conductivity into a positive or negative result. Diamonds have very high thermal conductivity, and a diamond tester will give negative results to similar stones, such as Cubic Zirconia, etc.

Diamond testers are now inexpensive, easy to use, small and pocket-sized, battery driven, and fast – within seconds you are able to press the tip of the probe against the stone and receive an immediate reading.

Presentation of results varies according to models, most will have LED’s, and some will have sound. Some simply have two lights (yes or no). Confirmation of a diamond is immediate – if no lights show the stone is not a diamond. Some models incorporate an alarm, to avoid false results if you accidentally probe the mount.

HP10 Proportionscope
HP10 Proportionscope

PO111 Microscope Accessory
PO111 Microscope Accessory

HD10 Calcite Handheld Dichroscope
HD10 Calcite Handheld Dichroscope