UV- and Analysis Lamps

Ultraviolet and LED Analysis Lamps for Professional Use

UV240 UV analysis lamp comes complete with a handle, weighs 1.2kg, has longwave and shortwave UV light, and a special filter for both wavelength ranges. Optional items include stand, replacement starter and long/shortwave neon tubes.

LED11 is a lamp with 5 LED.

For prices and availability information on UV and Analysis Lamps, please contact your nearest Krüss distributor, who will be delighted to help. For full technical specifications, please download the relevant datasheet here.


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You can find our UV- and Analysis Lamps in the Gemmo-Shop.


Testing for counterfeits

UV and analysis equipment provides a simple solution to verify and detect counterfeit items, such as bank notes and other sensitive documents.

UV lamps are ideal for detection purposes, as illuminating items with UV radiation shows fluorescence and phosphorescence. Fluorescent areas are included on bank notes, credit cards, driving licences, ID cards and passports.

Most passports contain UV sensitive inks and watermarks, and visitor visa stamps contain seals invisible under normal light. Bank notes may well have an image, or coloured fibres in the paper which will be picked up by ultraviolet.

Commonly, counterfeit watermarks are bleached into the paper, UV lights will easily fluoresce them.

UV light testing for inexpensive and efficient hygienic check

For instance in food industry, hand cleaning and disinfection measures have to be monitored closely. In order to do so, hands are colored with a fluorescent product and then washed. By using “black light” lamps, spots which aren’t cleaned properly, will become visible.

 UV240 lamp
UV240 lamp