Red isn’t always red! Travel lab with full-spectrum LED light

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A most crucial factor when determining gemstones is the colour of the stone. Ideally the colour can be analyzed in full daylight. Artificial light causes a deviant impression of the colour, leading to a distorted first impression of colour and brilliance of the stone.

When using the A.KRÜSS Optronic travel labs, it’s often about the first impression. Therefore we’ve now equipped our travel labs with a special full-spectrum LED light. In contrast to “normal” LED these sources hold a colour temperature similar to daylight (5800 Kelvin) and the colour rendering index (CRI-value) also matches daylight.
In this way the inconsistent colour impression which often arises when using “white” LED light (blue or also UV emitting LED combined with a luminescenct colourant) is avoided.


gemstone analysis with KRÜSS travel lab