Premium quartz control plates from A.KRÜSS Optronic

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Polarimetric measurements are carried out in many areas of the chemistry, pharmacy and sugar industries in order to gain precise information about the quality or the concentration of products. In most cases, the required measurement accuracy of the polarimeter is oriented to valid in-house quality standards or to regulatory recommendations that have to be complied with. Regular calibrations are required in order to ensure the measurement accuracy of the selected device in the long term too. So-called quartz control plates are used as calibration standards and these thus take on a very important function.


Premium quartz control plates from A.KRÜSS Optronic


We offer our customers three different quality categories and optical angles of rotation. Our quartz control plate PQE “Economy” offers a measurement accuracy of +/- 0.005° and is thus the ideal calibration standard for our P3000 polarimeter series. Our highly precise PQP “Professional” quartzes meet the highest requirements with regard to accuracy. With +/- 0.001°, the accuracy range of our P8000 polarimeter series is thus covered. Premium quartz control plates of the type PQP are available with five different rotation values as well as in left-rotating and right-rotating form. On request, your quartz control plate will be supplied with the respective test certificate of the PTB (Federal Physical Technical Institution) instead of a works certificate.

The quartz control plates are made of high-quality stainless steel and are thus corrosion-proof and scratch-resistant. They are pleasant to touch with a slim shape and are easy to hold; their heavy weight ensures secure positioning on the specimen holder.

Combined with the menu-driven calibration procedure of the P8000/P3000 polarimeter series, the quartz control plates allow very quick and easy calibration. The engraved serial number guarantees traceability which is necessary for any quality assurance. Furthermore the design allows compatibility with polarimeters from other manufacturers.

 PQEPQPPQP (PTB certified)
TipoCuarzo de polarímetro - EconomyCuarzo de polarímetro - ProfessionalCuarzo de polarímetro - Professional
Certificado PTBSin certificado PTB
- no es certificable -
Sin certificado PTB
- pero es certificable -
Con certificado PTB
Exactitud± 0,005°± 0,001°± 0,001°
para polarímetro
P3000 (± 0,01°) P3000 (± 0,01°)
P8000 (± 0,003°)
P8100 (± 0,002°)
P3000 (± 0,01°)
P8000 (± 0,003°)
P8100 (± 0,002°)
apropiado para
P8000 (± 0,003°)
P8100 (± 0,002°)
Ángulo de giro (α) + 34° / + 17° / - 17° / - 34° + 34° / + 17° / - 17° / - 34° + 34° / + 17° / - 17° / - 34°
Longitud de onda (λ)589,44 nm 589,44 nm 589,44 nm
Temperatura20 °C20 °C20 °C
MaterialAcero finoAcero finoAcero fino