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Technolab Ltd.

Trade Of Scientific And Medical Instruments

38, Andreou Dimitriou
14234 N.Ionia, Athens

Tel: +30 210 271 8030
Fax: +30 210 271 8846
Email: Technolab Ltd.  (letta©technolab•gr)  


Company Profile:

The company TECHNOLAB  LTD was founded in 1994, is accredited with ISO 9001-2008 and is a continuously developing company in the field of analytic and scientific instruments. Its aim is, through a system of advisory sales that applies, to provide completed solutions in the equipment of laboratories.

Our clients are Industries of food, Dairy Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Food Quality Services Laboratories, Refineries Lab and Universities.

The system of resellers that we have in big cities in Greece, make us flexible and with a fast response in the local market’s needs.

We promote our products by taking place in exhibitions, through web site and advertisements in magazines and of course by meeting our customers in personal. The significant role of the personal contact is also supported from the reselling system that we have in big cities in Greece which make us flexible in the local market’s needs.

Our scientific staff (Agriculture Engineer-Food Scientist, Chemist, Electronic Engineer), with their multilateral experience and broad knowledge on analytic and scientific instruments, make us reliable and effective in our field.

One of the main points of our company is the technical support after the sales, which we provide with our own technical department.