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Pleochroism – seen with a Dichroscope

Pleochroism can be observed using a dichroscope. A substance appears to be differently coloured when seen from different angles. Continue reading

KRÜSS microscopes at school

Microscopes and spectroscopes have proved to be of great value and provide fascinating insights for both children and grown-ups. Continue reading

Needle-eye art made visible through Krüss microscope

Last week, we were addressed with an unusual “cry for help”: the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg (museum for art and craft Hamburg) was preparing an exhibition with micro-artist Willard Wigan. They urgently needed a microscope through which visitors … Continue reading

Increase the Christmas joy with a stereo microscope by A.KRÜSS Optronic!

During Christmas season we offer a great bargain in our webshop: The MSL4000 with 10x and 30x magnification equipped with LED incident and transmitted light is now available at a significantly reduced price until december 24. Thanks to its powerful … Continue reading

Krüss and the International Garden Show

The „igs 2013 International Garden Show Hamburg“ will cause the Elbe island of Wilhelmsburg to burst into bloom from 26th April to 13th October 2013. The Hanseatic city has a 143-year tradition of organising horticultural shows. The first one, held … Continue reading

Season’s greetings

And the winner is…

We are very happy to announce the winner of a raffle during the Inhorgenta fair in Munich: Mr. Wolfram Schinko knew the correct answer to the prize question (how many hours does the battery last?) and won a microscope MSL4000-10/30-IL-TL. The … Continue reading

The X-Files

What’s that – murder at Krüss?!?   No, don’t worry… we’re just counting every item. The annual stocktaking. 🙂  

Old fellow: Historical Spectrophotometer by Krüss

Glad to see you again! That’s what we thought when we were offered to buy back this spectrophotometer (Kirchhoff-Bunsen principle). The estimated year of manufacture is 1908. After more than 100 years of duty, the spectrophotometer is now retired and … Continue reading

Finding the “ü” on your keyboard

Krüss comes with this strange-looking character (which belongs to its brand name – so we love it!) We’d really appreciate it, when you use it while telling others about our fine gemmology products! Q: … But how do I type … Continue reading