Krüss and the International Garden Show

The „igs 2013 International Garden Show Hamburg“ will cause the Elbe island of Wilhelmsburg to burst into bloom from 26th April to 13th October 2013.

The Hanseatic city has a 143-year tradition of organising horticultural shows. The first one, held in 1869, was a major event at the time, as 420 exhibitors from 16 European countries, the United States, Australia, Brazil and Mexico displayed flowers, shrubs and trees as well as tools and equipment to compete for recognition from the general public and the judges.

The Optical Institute of A. Krüss was awarded a prize for its metrological instruments. The copy of the certificate shows the political situation in Germany at the time. Neither Prussia nor the free Hanseatic cities other than Hamburg, Bremen and Lübeck are listed as states. They can be found under “Northern Germany” as members of the North German Federation, which was founded after the German War in 1866. Bismarck’s empire was created in 1871, two years after the first garden show in Hamburg. Our company also won an award at the second general horticultural exhibition in 1897.

Until the beginning of World War One, A. Krüss also exhibited at numerous international fairs, among them the world exhibitions in Paris in 1855, in London in 1862, at the World’s Columbian Exhibition in Chicago in 1894, in Paris in 1900, in Saint Louis 1904 and in Brussels in 1910. Everywhere we went our company received the highest awards.

We continue this tradition as A.KRÜSS Optronic. However, because the concept of world exhibitions is now different we no longer exhibit at them, but attend international trade fairs for laboratory equipment and gemmological testing equipment instead.