Make the hidden cosmos visible in front of our eyes. How do light microscopes open our eyes to a new world? What is dark field microscopy or phase contrast microscopy? What is the difference between monocular microscopes, binocular microscopes and stereomicroscopes?

How does a Microscope work?

The microscope was invented around 1600 in the Netherlands and has undergone continuous development ever since. With the advent of electron microscopes, light microscopes have been declared dead numerous times.Yet these predictions have proven overly hasty.

Information about Microscopes
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Achromatic objectives

In some basic models achromatic lenses are installed. They contain lenses that are curved towards the edge. This lens curvature creates a blur from the image center to the image edge. However, the center is shown in a sharp and contrasty manner. Achromatic lenses are absolutely suitable for beginners and hobbyists.


Plan achromatic objectives

In the Miroscope models with the designation PL planachromatic Objetive with consistently flat objective lenses are installed.The picture is also in the border area razor sharp. Plan achromatic Lenses are particularly suitable for professional users who want to work long and fatigue-free and are dependent on the highest image quality.


Phase contrast device

Microscope models named PH have a phase contrast device. Thus, a direct imaging of structures is possible, which have only a low intrinsic contrast and would be visible in bright field microscopy only with artificial coloring.
Phase contrast microscopy is widely used in the study of biological samples that differ only slightly in their density.


Dark field condenser

Working with a dark field condenser leads to a dark background, in front of which the structures to be observed stand out brightly. Transparent objects, which have only a very low contrast, can thus be displayed well resolved and rich in contrast.
This saves a prior staining of the sample. Even living objects are easily observable.


Blood testing device

Microscope models with the designation B have a blood testing device. It consists of a cold light source and a dark field condenser. This equipment allows a blood test to Enderlein.
The trained diagnostician can gain deep insight into metabolic processes of the patient with the help of dark field microscopy on vital blood.

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