Gas analysis

The earth surrounds a shell of gases - the protective atmosphere. Such protection is also used in the food industry, in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). How does quality assurance use the possibility of Modified Atmospheric Tester (MAT) for their processes?

Packing under protective atmosphere

Quality assurance and ever increasing consumer demands require regular control of protective atmospheres in packaging. Packaged atmosphere (Modified Atmosphere Packaging, MAP) plays a crucial role here. Typical shielding gases are nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen, as well as a mixture of these gases.

More about Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Gas analyser applications

Manufacturers of sensitive or perishable products must guarantee first-class quality over long periods of time. This applies especially to the food industry, but also to the electronics, pharmaceutical or cosmetics industry. Gas analysers are used by many companies for quality control in the laboratory, but also in the production area in the filling or packaging of sensitive or perishable products.

Typical applications of gas analysers

The right sensors for gas analysis

Explanation of the electrochemical oxygen cell (EC) and the zirconium dioxide sensor (ZrO2) for the O2-measurement as well as the non-invasive infrared sensor (NDIR) for the CO2-measurement.

Sensor overview

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