Maintenance and repairs

Maintenance and repairs

In the service center or comfortably at your location

When performing a service or repair, we will follow your specifications and requirements, offering solutions tailored to your specific needs. If required, our experienced service technicians will come to your place and work in accordance with established policies in on-site service. Alternatively you can send your device to our service center, where it will be expertly reviewed by our service team.

If you require our personal assistance, please contact our Technical Service Center in Germany using our contact form or by telephone. We will be happy to assist you with your enquiry. Our Sales and Service Partner Network ensure optimal on site service, personalised advice and timely support outside of Germany.

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Regular maintenance increases the life of your instrument while meeting the ever-increasing demands of quality assurance. Depending on the working environment of your device, annual maintenance is recommended.

We offer a cost-effective maintenance check: in addition to preventive maintenance, your device is professionally cleaned, checked, adjusted and calibrated. On request, we also carry out a VDE examination according to DGUV. Of course, you will receive a detailed maintenance and calibration record for your documents, which documents the work carried out comprehensibly.

Scope of our maintenance

Our specialists carry out their professional maintenance in accordance with recognized and relevant standards as well as legal regulations. The specialized personnel of A.KRÜSS regularly receives intense training and is technically always up to date. We carry out our maintenance with certified testing, measuring and control equipment and the necessary special tools. The device inspecition during maintenance includes the following issues:

  • Cleaning all important components for the proper functioning of the device
  • Function test and, if necessary, adjustment of the touchscreen
  • Function test of the peristaltic pump (if available)
  • Functional test of the drying unit (if available)
  • Functional test of the autosampler and the flow-through measuring cell (if available)
  • Check the general settings
  • Check the printer, USB and Ethernet ports
  • Leakage test of all tubes and replacement if necessary
  • Checking the temperature with certified measuring and testing equipment
  • Calibration of the device with recognized and traceable standards, adjustment if necessary
  • Comprehensive maintenance and calibration protocols to the latest standards
  • Original spare parts of the highest quality
  • Firmware updates, if necessary for the functionality of the devices

Optionally with service and maintenance contracts

To increase your comfort, we offer the conclusion of service and maintenance contracts. The maintenance contract ensures maximum safety for a complete, regular and preventive check of your measuring instruments, which ensures measurement accuracy and trouble-free operation in the long term. Thanks to regular maintenance, the units can be operated with optimum performance and deliver reliable results. You avoid downtime and unnecessary repair costs and your maintenance costs become a predictable size. By concluding a maintenance contract, you can be sure that your equipment will always meet the required standards, that maintenance intervals will not be exceeded, and that the annual commercial process will run smoothly and straightforwardly for your company.

Use the A.KRUESS know-how. Just give us a call; we’ll take care of everything.

more about the A.KRÜSS service and maintenance contracts


Even the most reliable device may be broken once. Repair work is carried out quickly and professionally by our experienced service team. Like the maintenance, we offer our repair services as a service to you on site or in our service center.

Return your device | Return Form

You would like to send your A.KRUESS device to our service center for maintenance or repair? For the return we provide a PDF form, which you must fill in completely and attach to the return. The form contains your error or task descriptions as well as important safety information.

Many laboratories work with biological, infectious, radioactive or toxic substances. This can lead to residues on the devices. In order to protect our employees, we ask you to carry out a thorough cleaning, possibly decontamination and disinfection of the respective device before returning it.

Please note that our service team can repair or maintain your device only upon receipt of the completed return form. Shipments without this certificate cannot be processed for security reasons and will be returned to the sender at a charge.

Return form with safety certificate (PDF, 159 KB)

Please note: some browsers, such as Firefox and Safari browsers, do not allow you to edit PDF forms. The document must therefore first be downloaded and then filled out!

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Bridging device for repair and maintenance

Your device must be repaired or recalibrated. However, you cannot do without your device during this service period and require a bridging device. Then a rental option is a good way to avoid costly downtime.

Test device for rent

Of course, there are other reasons for using a rental device. Perhaps you would like to test an A.KRÜSS device and make sure it meets the requirements for a scheduled application. In this case, the rent is an optimal solution, because you can use the device process-oriented and ensure that it works on demand. You don’t enter into a time-related, financial commitment and there is no unnecessary capital commitment. Another plus: In the case of a purchase, the rental fee is credited with up to 100% of the purchase price.

A rental device is also recommended for project-related, time-limited orders and for production peaks. This allows you to meet a short-term increase in equipment requirements, maintain flexibility and keep your costs calculable and plannable.

A.KRÜSS rental devices are always state-of-the-art and meet the DQ / IQ / OQ / PQ / DQ quality requirements of devices and systems. This ensures that you can work in compliance with the GMP guidelines and various international standards.

Download Rental Device Requirement:


Please note: Some browsers, such as Firefox and Safari browsers, do not allow you to edit PDF forms. The document must therefore first be downloaded and then filled out!

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