Flame Photometers

The flame photometers from A.Krüss are used to determine the concentration of alkali and alkaline earth elements in aqueous solutions and are a simple and particularly cost-effective alternative to analysis techniques such as ICP or AAS


Technologically groundbreaking, fast, powerful, highly accurate and with A.KRÜSS all-round service. Atomic emission spectrophotometry for determining the concentration of liquids – with high-quality new software and hardware, 2 times faster CPU and 24/7 measuring operation – delivers a measurement result accurate to 8 digits in 30 seconds and meets all important industry standards.

Detection limit, sample processing & costs

  • Simultaneous measurements of sodium, potassium, calcium and lithium are possible with a detection limit of 0.01 mg/l.
  • Our instruments offer sample throughput of up to 120 measurements per hour and have the option of fully automatic 24 H measurement operation.
  • With costs of only 1 cent per measurement, the FP-8000 series is the most economical measurement method for alkali and alkaline earth metals.

Fully automatic measurement and sample preparation

  • A measurement with atomic emission spectroscopy AES is already possible with a sample volume of only 1 ml.
  • The analysis substance is taken from the autosampler by a high-precision dosing unit and transferred to one of the 2 mixing chambers.
  • There, the substance is automatically diluted to the required concentration by adding an aqueous standby solution.

Highly accurate measurements thanks to ideal sample, gas and air mixture

  • With the aid of the Venturi effect, the analysis substance is sucked into the atomiser as an aqueous solution and atomised extremely finely.
  • Drops that are too large are collected in the atomiser chamber and discharged past a drop sensor.
    The monitoring of the reject serves as a control parameter with which the sample flow and atomisation can be optimally adjusted.
  • The finely atomised sample is mixed with the fuel gas in the gas mixing chamber to create an ideal sample, gas and air mixture.

Stable measured values through a defined flame shape

  • To achieve stable measured values, the flame must burn very evenly.
  • 12 gas outlets model a flame shape optimised for AES measurement.
  • Propane or acetylene can be used as fuel gas.
  • Air currents stabilise these and ensure a constant flame pattern, which is additionally protected by a glass cylinder.

Highly sensitive photosensors for high-precision concentration determinations

  • The elements to be measured, such as sodium, potassium, calcium and lithium, emit light with a characteristic wavelength due to thermal excitation.
  • The different wavelengths are detected by high-precision photosensors.
  • Up to 5 different elements can be measured simultaneously.
  • Alternatively, different concentration ranges of the same element can be detected.

Safety thanks to efficient cooling and monitoring

  • To increase safety for the user, an integrated cooling air flow reduces the hot exhaust air to below 50 °C.
  • In addition, our unit continuously monitors the flame.
  • In case of irregularities, the safety valves are closed automatically.

Our service is unbeatable

As a customer you are at the center of our service, and for your satisfaction we give our best every day. Quality is always our top priority. Whether commissioning, calibration, maintenance or repair: with our certified service and repair services, you can rely on the first-class expertise of our specialists.

Our certified services

Application Consulting

We will be happy to assist you with product and application questions - by telephone, on site or in our training center in Hamburg. Whether it's advice and support, quick problem solving through application experience, help with system automation and integration, questions about industry standards, our experts are there for you.

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Product demonstration

You would like to get to know our devices better?
Would you like to know more about the operation or the precision of the measuring technology?
Are you unsure if the working environment is suitable for a precision instrument?
Or you want to test the acceptance in the working environment?
For you, we demonstrate our products on site, so that measuring methods and measuring instruments meet your specific wishes.

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During installation, we include your work environment and processes so that our devices can achieve the best measurement results. Our technical staff ensures that your internal and external quality standards are adhered to. We issue test reports and quality assurance documents and train your employees on our devices.

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Validation and Qualification in Laboratory Analytics

A.KRÜSS meet the enormous demand for qualification services with a comprehensive concept. We work together with you, our customers, hand in hand and offer comprehensive support throughout the entire qualification process.

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Calibration and adjustment

Calibration is becoming an increasingly important part of quality assurance in terms of meeting standards and regulations. Calibration is the indispensable and documented proof that a measuring instrument works reliably in the intended value range while maintaining specified tolerances under the current operating conditions.

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Maintenance and repairs

Maintenance and repair in the factory or at your site - through regular maintenance you increase the lifespan of your device while meeting the ever-increasing demands of quality assurance. We offer you a cost-effective maintenance check. Your device is professionally cleaned, centered, greased, adjusted and calibrated.

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Warranty extension

To extend your standard warranty to 3 years, we offer two variants: the purchase of the warranty extension or the extended warranty under a maintenance contract.

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Service and maintenance contracts

Annual inspection and maintenance of your equipment, including all functional and safety checks, cleaning of the most important components, calibration with certified traceable calibration standards and, if necessary, adjustment and detailed documentation

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A.KRÜSS devices are used successfully by well-known companies worldwide.


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