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Calibration standards and cleaning solutions for flame photometers

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Key features
Key features

Process version

The FP8500 combines the characteristics of the FP8400 with an automatic calibration to realise a 24 hour fully automated measurement operation; measuring times between 1 second and several minutes are possible. For data transmission, a variety of interfaces are available. With the models of the FP8000 series, A.KRÜSS Optronic presents to this day unique measuring devices for the simultaneous measurement of the elements Na, K, Ca and Li. Five measuring channels are available for this, which can be individually configured. Thanks to proven measuring methods and modern device electronics, our flame photometers achieve high-precision and reproducible measurement results and are a simple and particularly cost-effective alternative to analysis techniques such as ICP or AAS.

  • Reliable, simultaneous measurement of up to five alkaline and alkaline earth elements
  • Remote control of several devices via central process computer
  • Suitable for 24-hour operation
  • Very high precision
  • Maximum operational safety through intelligent security mechanisms
  • User administration with two authorization levels
  • Full traceability of the measurement results
  • Extensive interfaces and convenient data transfer
  • Compliance with international standards such as GMP / GLP and 21 CFR Part 11

Typical applications

  • Process analysis
  • Process monitoring
  • Online measurement
  • Automated continuous measurement

An overview of typical applications with the flame photometer FP8000 series can be found in our campus article on flame photometer applications.


Samples and substances often analyzed with a flame photometer

  • Measuring potassium and sodium in salt
  • Measurement of sodium, potassium and calcium in various food samples
  • Measurement of sodium, potassium and calcium in fruits and vegetable juices
  • High-purity water
  • Measurement of sodium, potassium and calcium in pharmaceutical reagents and infusion solutions (Ringer’s solution, NaCl solution)
  • Wastewater control by determination of potassium, sodium and magnesium content
  • Concentration determinations of sodium and potassium in fertilizer production
  • Measurement of sodium in glassmaking
  • Review of sodium, potassium or calcium levels in cement production

Model specifications

MEASURING RANGE0.01-4500 ppm
0.0004-200 mmol/l
0.01-4500 ppm
0.0003-110 mmol/l
0.01-4500 ppm
0.50-4500 ppm
0.0125-110 mmol/l
0.0004 mmol/l
0.01 ppm
0.0003 mmol/l
0.01 ppm
0.0014 mmol/l
0.03 ppm
0.0075 mmol/l
PRECISION0.2 % at 40 ppm
0.2 % at 1,74 mmol/l
0.2 % at 40 ppm
0.2 % at 1,03 mmol/l
0.2 % at 40 ppm
0.2 % at 5.71 mmol/l
0.2 % at 40 ppm
0.2 % at 1.00 mmol/l
ACCURACY1 % at 40 ppm
1 % at 1.74 mmol/l
1 % bei 40 ppm
1 % at 1.03 mmol/l
1 % at 40 ppm
1 % at 5.71 mmol/l
1 % at 40 ppm
1 % at 1.00 mmol/l
CALIBRATIONLinear with 2 standards
Non linear with 6-8 standards,
cubic approximation
DRIFT1% in 60 min
REFERENCELithium guideline with 35 mg/l or 5 mmol/l
Caesium guideline on request
COMBUSTION GASPropane, Butane or LPG: Recommended for alkaline elements
Acetylene for flame photometry: Recommended for alkaline earth elements
DISPLAYTFT-Display with integrated 8,4“ TFT touchscreen, 800x600 Pixel
1 x Ethernet
1 x RS-232 for printer
Upgrade 4-20 mA analogue, passive current interface
EQUIPMENTBase unit + External valve box with control unit (Online Measurement)
ACCESSORIES24 character plain paper printer
Pressure reducing station with filter unit
Various standards and system solutions
Spare parts and accessories directly from the manufacturer
UPGRADEABILITYRetrofit kits to other models available

Technical data flame photometers (PDF, 128 KB)

Requirement profile

To enable us to adapt the flame photometer optimally to your requirements, we need a requirement profile in which you specify your main individual specifications (Samples, concentration, automation, etc.). A binding delivery can only take place after receipt of the fully completed profile.

PDF form requirement profile flame photometer (PDF, 824 KB)

Innovative process control

The flame photometer can be used as a benchtop device or integrated in a process environment via an analog current interface.

Several, locally separated devices can be controlled by a central process computer.

The devices are designed for 24-hour operation and occupy an international top position with up to 300 measurements per hour!


Intuitive operation

Our flame photometers are easy and intuitive to operate with a large touch screen display and USB mouse.

  • User administration with two authorisation levels
  • Traceability of all measurement data and device-specific data
  • Full traceability of the measurement results
  • Extensive interfaces and convenient data transfer
  • Compliance with international standards such as GMP / GLP and 21 CFR Part 11

Unique safety concept

Automated shutdown of gases

  • At extinguished flame
  • with regular shutdown of the system
  • in case of power failure
  • at low fuel gas, oxidant or cooling air pressure
  • at low fuel gas or air pressure or failure of the cooling air

The safety functions are monitored by an independent safety circuit


Calibration, samples, controls and standards

Aqueous samples, controls and standards are measured manually or automatically. The calibration is done via the standards. The measurement results can be checked with the controls.
The emission values and concentration values of the calibration are displayed graphically and in tabular form for the check.


Calibration standards and cleaning solutions for flame photometers

Calibration standards and cleaning solutions for flame photometers

Accessories FP8050

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