AS80 and AS90

Autosampler AS90

Autosampler AS90

Key features
Key features

Automation in the laboratory- for working environments with a high sample throughput

In working environments with a high sample throughput, fully automatic executions of the entire process – from the sample supply to the cleaning and drying – are useful if they are flexible, powerful and robust. Our AS80 and AS90 autosamplers are the suitable products to meet these high requirements. Together with the peristaltic pump DS7070, they allow for an unsupervised measurement of up to 89 samples. You can set any number of individual measurement methods, cleaning processes and sampler templates on the user interface of the A.KRÜSS laboratory instrument. The AS80 and AS90 models require very little space, are easy and fast to install and very durable. They come with a sample plate and a set of polypropylene or glass vials.

  • Also suitable for aggressive and low-viscous samples
  • Sets of polypropylene vials or glass vials are available
  • Sample supply via peristaltic pump DS7070
  • Integrated rinse port
  • Optional septengängige Ausführung
  • Suitable for measuring stations with more than one analysis device (requires LIMS software)
  • Control via the serial interface (RS-232) of the A.KRÜSS Laboratory instrument.

Model specifications

TYPEFor 18 or 36 samplesFor 53 or 89 samples
SMPLE TRAY VARIANTSOne of two possible sample plates including:
AS80-T18: 18 x 50 ml (42 mm x 43 mm) or
AS80-T36: 36 x 30 ml (28 mm x 65 mm);
One of two possible sample plates including:
AS90-T53: 53 x 16 ml (22 mm x 55 mm) or
AS90-T89: 89 x 6 ml (16 mm x 55 mm)
VIALSMatching set of glass vials (30 ml)
or polypropylene vials (50 ml) included
Matching set of polypropylene vials included
DIMENSIONS (W X H X D)270 x 380 x 200 mm
270 (+50) x 380 x 200 (+60) mm
WEIGHTApprox. 9 kg

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