Density measurement

Modern digital density measurement devices use the U-tube oscillator and realize a highly precise measurement of frequency. This measurement technique has become considerably more precise than any other methods of density measurement. It provides simplest operation with maximum accuracy and time efficiency. Learn more: How does a digital density meter work? Which substances can be determined by density and how is concentration measured? What are the typical areas of application? Which cleaning methods and agents provide optimum results? Which concepts for automation can be applied and how does normative and traceable work in a QA laboratory can be achieved?

What is digital density measurement?

The example of a tuning fork shows that by applying a mechanical impulse one can generate a sound with a characteristic pitch. This sound is the result of the oscillation created by deflecting the prongs of the tuning fork. A determining factor in the pitch of the note obtained, and thus of the oscillating frequency, is the mass of the tuning fork. Digital density measurement puts this relationship to ..

What is digital density measurement?

Standards and directives

Digital density meters use the U-tube oscillator and are designed and used in accordance with standards. Those who use density meters according to normative specifications can guarantee that measurements are correct and work according to reproducible procedures. We have compiled an overview of standards and guidelines that refer to density meters.

Standards and directives

Density meters and samples

The density as a fundamental physical parameter provides important references for many other parameters and also to perform conversions in the daily laboratory routine. We offer suitable density meter sets for different working methods and in accordance to the type of sample or the accuracy requirements. For your guidance, we have compiled an overview for typical samples and substances with data about density.

Samples and density

Density meter applications

On the basis of the density, it is possible to identify substances, determine their quality and purity or determine their concentration in binary or quasi-binary mixtures. Measurements by means U-tube oscillator are particularly suitable for applications with high requirements on accuracy, precision and data security as well as for applications with high time and cost pressure.

Typical applications of density meters

Cleaning solutions for different samples

The U-tube oscillator is cleaned by rinsing it with the appropriate medium supplied with a syringe or peristaltic pump. In this overview, we have summarized sample-specific cleaning suggestions.

Cleaning suggestions

Automation with density meters

Working environments with high sample throughput need solutions for fully automated processing of the entire process from sample introduction to the cleaning and drying that are flexible, powerful and robust.

Learn more about automation with density meters

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