Density meter DS7800 with fully automatic sample feed

Automation with density meters

Maximum efficiency and increased time savings through automation options

With our DS7700 and DS7800 Set 3, Set 4 and Set 5 density meters, the entire measuring process can be carried out semi-automatically or fully automatically and without manual intervention, from sample supply to cleaning to drying. With full automation, measurements can be user-independent, overnight, or on weekends. This increases productivity and reduces costs per measurement. The autosampler AS80 or AS90 is integrated in the fully automatic solution. This allows unattended measurement of up to 89 samples. The user interface of the density meter can be used to create individual measuring methods and cleaning procedures as well as sampler templates in any number.

Density meter DS7800 with fully automatic sample feed

Fully automatic filling and measuring

The density meters DS7700 and DS7800 with Set 4 or Set 5 including drying unit, peristaltic pump and autosampler allow fully automatic operation. The samples on the autosampler’s rotating plate are removed successively by the suction needle and drawn into the U-tube oscillator by the peristaltic pump. If desired, the system can be automatically rinsed and dried after each measurement.

Density meter DS7800 with semi-automatic sample feed

Semi-automatic filling and measuring

The semi-automatic process requires the peristaltic pump DS7070, which will draw the required volume of the sample or the cleaning medium into the U-tube oscillator. Depending on which integrated drying unit is used, there is no need to interchange the drain tube and air tube when you switch from the sample supply or cleaning to the drying process.

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